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I welcome you to my kitchen , wether to post a recipe or hang out with a cup of coffee. Need a listening ear or feel like a little chat you come to the right kitchen. Debs kitchen has also opened a group on Facebook. So if you are in the neighborhood drop by. I hope to hear from ya soon.

Debra Russell
Nov 28, 2016

25 days of Hot chocolate

Life is beginning to feel normal for me again. This year has put me through so many changes it almost feels like a dream ,or a nightmare at times. But as always God had my back from the beginning. I am feeling hopeful and looking forward to next year and my new grandson . He should be here in Febuary.

As some of you can remember when I did 25 days of cookies and how much fun it was and the cute photos of the kids I shared. This December I will be doing 25 days of hot chocolate . So make sure you check in from time to time to get recipes and see photos of the fun. For those that plan on joining in the fun don't forget to share your photos as well as the recipes.

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Debra Russell
Nov 22, 2015

Purchased our Christmas tree today and it is different then any tree we have ever had.

I made a phone call to see if the trees came in yet. It seems like everyone has forgotten about Thanksgiving and are going straight to Christmas . With that being said I didn't want all the trees to be gone like last year. We were left with little ones. They said the trees had just come in yesterday. We get our trees from Marvins . It's a store like lowes or Home Depot . Anyway I have purchased my trees there for years because they were beautiful trees for $14.99. This year for some reason the kind we always purchased had gone up to $30 dollars. What a jump from last year in price !
We looked around and noticed these trees that had white tips on them. As if someone sprayed it down with that fake snow stuff. How different and neat this was to me. So my husband pick up a tree and started to cut the netting off so we could see the condition of the tree. I Was in aw with this tree. I want it! We looked to see how much this one would cost and it was only $26. God has blessed us with this special tree . I was not at all disappointed that the kind we always purchased was above what I wanted to pay because he supplied us with a tree new to my eyes.
My grand child Seraine s second Christmas where she now gets to really enjoy was able to touch this tree without it even poking her little hands because the branches are soft yet firm and strong. It just amazes me all this about that tree. Today was a great day!

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Debra Russell
Nov 21, 2015

I'm so ready for the holidays this year!

My grand baby is a year now so the holidays are going to be so much fun. She is eating table food better so to watch her eat new foods is fun to me. And to see her reactions to Christmas lights and gifts is going to be so much joy. I am enjoying being a grandmother what can I say!
Warning you will be hearing lots of stories of my sweet little Seraine. She loves her gram-grams cooking. Last night at dinner she pigged out on a new recipe that I tried. I must say though I think she loved the apple sauce the best. Haha.

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Stephanie Dodd
Sep 19, 2015

Sweet Breads Cracking and Falling

I have a question about baking breads. Two of my breads; one banana and the other lemon, have baked and then when removed from the oven, have cracked and fallen in the middle. I got on line to see if I could find answers and I know baking powder and soda need to be fresh and not outdated, and mine are. Then I read where bananas might have too much moisture in them and if they are mushy, this could cause a problem.

Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Deb, I know with your culinary skills, you probably have an answer too. There are so many excellent cooks and bakers on JAP that I know someone can give me some advice.

Thanks so much for any assistance!!

Debra Russell
Jun 14, 2015

Throwing surprise birthday for son today.

He is turning 14 on Wednesday. I am doing the party today so that he has no idea. He thinks that we are just having a cook out. Haha. After we eat I will bring out the ice cream cake that I made and all those gifts. Oh boy! I just love birthdays haha.
I am only having a hard time watching my little boy grow up. He is the youngest . He is growing up to be a real good little man. I am so proud. Ok well I have a party to throw, talk soon.

Debra Russell
May 29, 2015

I'm so proud of myself right now!

I do not talk about personal issues with people because they tend to judge when they don't understand on less they too are or have been where I am. Anyway I am this time because I am so proud of myself it doesn't matter what anyone has to say.

Anyway... My husbands job has went from working five days a week to three. You know what that does to someone like me who has bills and a family to care for. I am a stay at mom having a hard time finding a job to help husband. Boy! How things have change out there let me say! I didn't know that everything went to applying on line. Let's just say I about broke my iPad it made me so mad. What was wrong with paper? And why do they push for you to get an education to flip a burger? Unreal! But that's a whole other story altogether.

I had to pay my electric by the 23rd or they were going to shut it off. Having children at home I could not let that happen. So my husband and I took the whole paycheck and paid the bill. That left us nothing! Not even grocery money for that week. I thought to myself I cook from scratch a lot and my pantry is not completely empty just yet. I can come up with something I'm sure.

My seventeen year old daughter said use your pennies momma. I looked over at my jar and said it takes a hundred pennies to make just one dollar. I have nothing in that thing. As I drank my cup of coffee I thought about what she said. I told her lets do it! We went to the bank and used the coin machine. I had ten dollars in that little pink pig bank. Lol , more than I guessed. We went to Aldi grocery. I knew if I was going to get anything that's where I needed to go. I was able to buy four loaves of white bread,a milk,cheese,hamburger buns,Bologna ,can of beef stew and a can of chicken & dumplins all with my ten dollars. That's pretty good I think. So far this week I made pancakes,grilled cheese with tomato soup,and fried bologna and egg sandwiches. But tonight was the real challenge!

I bought one can of chicken and Dumplings to feed a family of six.
That's just not enough! But I figured maybe with a little broth and some cans of vegetables I have make I can make it go a little further. Well did I get a big surprise when I opened the can.
There was no juice or sauce in the can! Now what? This is where my cooking skills really kicked in and I went to work. I melted butter in a skillet and added flour.
Next I added a two cans broth,can of green beans, and can of potatoes. Salt and pepper to taste.
Waited for it to thicken up and added my can of chicken & dumplins. Heated it up. Looking at it while hoping that it didn't tasted like flour.

Boy ! Was I wrong. It tasted great. What flavor and I had enough to go around too. I am just so proud of myself right now I'm in awe! The family loved it and the sounds of mmm! And it tasted better than it looks , just tickles me and makes me feel that I am great in the kitchen. Lol.

Now my mind is thinking what can I do to that can of beef stew to make it go further. It's like being on Guys Grocery Game, haha. But do let me state if it were not for the wisdom of God and his voice coming through the mouth of my daughter we would have starved this week. That's a Fact !

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Debra Russell
May 28, 2015

I went through the emotions of loss

I remember when I first joined and made this group. Oh what fun it was and how many friends were made. Than everyone just like faded away. At that time I didn't have internet like everyone else seemed to have. I lived in the country and all that was offered was dial up. Which is like not having internet at all. When I finally moved to where I have the internet it was to late everyone was so gobbled up with social media. So with that and business of life people don't have the time for people anymore.
It don't have to be like that. I'm not going to be like that! If there are any of you out there that want to be friends and chat with someone across the world I am here. If you just need someone to listen who don't know you or your life,hey I'm the girl. If there is no one well I hope you enjoy the recipes and stories.

Debra Russell
Dec 8, 2014

I can see the light!

i have had some really tough times and today I have gotten some really good news. My kids were taking martial arts and they stopped us from coming six months ago because payments got behind. Which was not my fault but there's because they put my money all on one kid instead of putting it on two children. I made them an offer and they took it! Kids start back Monday! I'm so happy!

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