What did you say?

Hosted by Albert Reynolds
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This is a group for people to talk like they would normally talk to their neighbors. Using their normal words, including real words like ain't & cain't.
If it sounds rite, rite it down. Don't be sheered to show off yer spellin'. Have fun with it.
Just remember, some folks actually do talk like this. I do.

Albert Reynolds
Jun 13, 2014

What did them news folks say?

Them news folks said it. I heard 'em.
"According to a study conducted over a 20 year period, red meat is a contributing factor in breast cancer".
Then they went on to say that over the past 20 years that this study's been goin' on, that there was 7 more women showed signs of breast cancer in women who ate red meat than there was in women who didn't eat red meat.
Now women, I ain't tellin' ya not to be concerned. But, they didn't say how many women they studied over them past 20 years.
I ain't no math whiz but I think I can figger this out.
If they studied 100 women who ate red meat & 100 women who didn't eat red meat, &, only 7 women got breast cancer out of the red meat bunch, that's 7%.
If they studied 1,000 women on each side, & only 7 got breast cancer, that's 1%.
I might be wrong, but, I think ever'body's got the cancer cells in 'em. It's jist that, some people get it & some don't.
What do you think?

Letizia Tripp
Jun 11, 2014

going to love this group .

Albert , your profile pic is a beautiful pic. you both make a beautiful couple. congratulations to both of you for been married that long . now a days it's very hard to do. the more i read the more i like this group . of coarse i dont know how to speak southern, but i like to hear it , but i dont always understand everything . one of my favorite chef on tv , is Paula Dean , i love the way she talks . yo'll! not sure if spelled it right ..LOL.. but you know what i mean. i will tell my friends about this group and hope they join and also hope you get a lot more new members . it's a fun group. i shared some of my authentic italian recipes on this group. if you like italian food , you should check it out . and by the way for anybody that might not pronounce italian right, i would like to say the correct pronounciation. it is italian,, NOT aitalian..LOL!

Letizia Tripp
Jun 11, 2014

i love to laugh!

hi , my name is Letizia , after reading everything you wrote Albert , i decided to join. your conversations to yourself are very funny . i dont know how to talk like that , but it is fun to read it and imagine people talking like that. i am italian and i am also from N.Y. I do have an italian accent mixed in from a N.Y. accent ..

i actually grew up in Italy , but i was really born in N.Y. WENT TO Italy , when i was 4. i came back to N.Y. when i was 17.

i live in FL now for many years. i do make a lot of mistakes in spelling ,so you might get a laugh out of that too. i do love to laugh and joke with my friends a lot.we joke a lot about one famous thing N.Yorkers say .. now i hope i can spell this right , otherwise you wont get it , since you cant hear me talk. this is what we say .. "let's go have some cuaffee and have a tualk.. "LOL.. did you get it ? i hope so ..

Melanie B
Jun 10, 2014

Love this group

I was raised in Northwest corner of the country mainly, then lived in Kansas my high school years. I have mostly lived in Georgia my adult life. I have really picked up the accent and it flies when I'm around someone who is -as my boys say- "real country".

Zelda Hopkins
Jun 10, 2014

Howdy Albert

You are really a hoot Albert. As you said I ain't gona talk this way all the time but I wuz raised the same way. So I will have fun with you, Albert.

Albert Reynolds
Jun 8, 2014

What did you say?

Howdy Ever'body.
I'll start this off by tryin' to give you a few lines to show you how to talk like I normally talk.
I don't talk like someone who has written a book. I don't want to come across as "better than anyone else". I'm not. I'm just me.
I ain't no better than the next feller. I talk like this 'cause it's the way I wuz taut to talk. Ever'body talked like this where I wuz raised.
Skin color don't mean a thing to me. We all bleed the same color.
To give a better example of the normal way I talk, watch "Gunsmoke" & listen to Festus Hagen. That's what I normally sound like. It's hard to describe on here when yer tryin' to.
Let's just have fun as we talk to each other about whatever we talk about.
Now, who wants to get started?