In Honor Of Our Military

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I wanted to create a group where we can honor those who have and are serving our country.

It started as military but will be expanded to include our brave first responders also.

Some members of Just A Pinch are in countries other than the U.S.A.

Please feel free to join us with your stories about your military friends and family members.

This group is not for sharing recipes but rather for sharing the love and the stories of those we know who have served or are serving.

Treat this as a tribute group for the brave men and women who make our freedoms possible.

Maggie ^O^
Friday at 8:11 AM

Pearl Harbor Day

Today Americans across the country will honor and remember the 2,403 service members and civilians killed in the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor 77 years ago.


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Maggie ^O^
Sep 11, 2018

Remeber Our Military ...

and their families for all that they have been called upon to do and sacrifice because of September 11.

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J. White Harris
Jun 6, 2018

74 Year Ago

On this day 74 years ago, allied forces stormed the beaches of Normandy, France during largest seaborne invasion in history. Code-named "Operation Neptune" the landing marked the beginning of the liberation of the German-occupied northwestern Europe from Nazi control.
Thousands of brave American and allied forced died on those sandy beaches for the freedom of not only the United States but the entire world. Now, over seven decades later, American flags still fly all over Normandy, France. During a time when the United States of America is villainized both home and abroad, the citizens of Normandy continue to stand strong in support of the Star Spangled Banner.

Unlike any other foreign region around the world, northwest France understands what it means to be an American soldier. With over 4,000 American heroes buried on their land, they understand the role America plays in securing peace and freedom around the world. Days before the anniversary of D-Day, Normandy is traditionally decked out in more American flags than one would see on 4th of July in America.

At a time when our own athletes do not respect our flag, we must never forget the sacrifices made almost a century ago to stop the Nazis from continuing their reign of terror. As Americans, we must always remain proud of the greatness of our country. We are the only nation throughout history that is willing to sacrifice the lives of it's brave men and women to protect the freedom of others.

Without patriots like you respecting our flag and spreading incredible stories of heroism like D-Day, our country's greatness will perish. So on this day of remembrance, I ask you to reflect on how you can take your support of local veterans and your patriotism to the next level.