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How to help you with you with your coffee and tea issues

Catherine Ferensic
May 21, 2014

looking for?

Hi just joined I'm looking for a homemade stress tea recipes like the brand Arizona stress tea.

Tina Bruce
May 13, 2014


Hi my name is Tina. What is your best coffee you ever had?

Melanie Campbell
May 9, 2014

Problem solvers to your coffee and tea issues

Cure Stale Cup of Coffee.....
PROBLEM: How can I stop my coffee from becoming stale?
SOLUTION: Coffee will only stay fresh on a warming unit for 30 minutes. To freshen it up, add a pinch of salt to the cup and re-heat it.

Store Tea Properly.....
PROBLEM: My tea is going bad fast too fast.
SOLUTION: Loose tea should always be stored in a cool, dry location . Humidity and heat will reduce the quality of the tea significantly. A sealed container works well allowing as little oxyen to come into contact with the loose tea. Containers should only be large enough to hold the tea and be opaque since the light can have a negitive effect as well. A large continer will retain too much oxygen and may cause undue oxidation to take place.

Teabags should be stored in the container they are purchased in and also stored in a cool, dry location.