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Melanie Campbell
May 9, 2014

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Baked Goods Getting Tough....
PROBLEM: Your baked goods keep getting tough and not light and flaky?
SOLUTION: Over-mixing baked goods will cause them to become tough.

Burned Rice.....
PROBLEM: Your rice burned and want to know how to fix it?
SOLUTION: If you accidentally burn rice, just remove the good rice and place it into a clean pot. Place a fresh piece of white bread or a thin layer of onionskins on top of the rice and continue cooking for about 10-15 minutes before removing the bread or onionskins and discarding them.

Piecrust Not Flaky.....
PROBLEM: Your piecrust will not turn out flaky?
SOLUTION: There are a number of ways to make a flakier piecrust. the following are just a few: (1) adding a teaspoon of vinegar to the pie dough; (2) substituting sour cream or whipping cream for any water; (3) replacing the shortening or butter with lard.

Juices Bubbling Out Of Pie.....
PROBLEM: How to stop the juces from bubbling out of my pies when baking them?
SOLUTION: If you have this problem with juices bubbling out or oozing out when baking a pie, try adding a tablespoon of tapioca to the filling. This will thicken the filling just enough.

Soggy Pie Bottoms.....
PROBLEM: How can I stop the bottoms of my pies from becoming soggy?
SOLUTION: If you have a problem with fruit or fruit juices soaking the bottom of your pie crust and making them soggy, try brushing the bottom with egg whites. this will seal the pie crust and solve the problem.

Stop Frozen Mushy Bread.....
PROBLEM: How to stop bread from becoming mushy when put in freezer.
SOLUTION: Add a piece of paper towel to the bread inside the wrapper to absorb the moisture.

Prevent Bugs In Flour.....
PROBLEM: How to prevent flour from getting bugs in it.
SOLUTION: Place a piece of spearmint gum in the flour.

Only Use Cake Flour.....
PROBLEM: Your cakes are coming out too heavy.
SOLUTION: Remember, cake flour will make a lighter cake due to its lower gluten content. If you don't have cake flour, try using all-purpose flour, but reduce the amount by 2 tablespoons for each cup of cake flour called for. One of the best recipes for makin a light textured cake is to use 50% unbleached cake flour and 50% whole-wheat flour.

Secret to Lighter Pancakes.....
PROBLEM: How to make pancakes light and fluffy.
SOLUTION: Just replace any water or milk with club soda.

Stop Soggy Dumplings.....
PROBLEMS: Every time I make dumolings they get soggy.
SOLUTION: Mix the dough as little as possible, just blend the ingredients. Never drop them into the boiling water, just gently lay them on top of the chicken pieces. Never simmer the dumplings for more than 10 minutes uncovered then cover and cook for another 10 minutes. The other trick is to use a dome lid so that steam does not make them soggy.