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It's seems as though every home cook has a favorite recipe that has been passed down to them. It's not just the taste that makes the recipe so special, it's the story behind the recipe! Does it remind you of sitting in the kitchen with mom and watching while she made her famous biscuits? Or maybe one bite of your favorite pie that takes your memory back to picking blueberries as a kid with your grandma. Whatever your recipe is, we'd love for you to share it and let us know why it's so special.

Let's pay tribute to all the mom's and their wonderful recipes ... tell us your favorite dish and the story behind it!

Happy Mother's Day!

Family Favorites
May 15, 2014

This recipe will always remind me of my mom...

Hope this recipe will become a loving family memory for other families as it is for ours! My story is within the recipe...

Ella's Absolutely Perfect Cracked Wheat Bread

Colleen Sowa
May 15, 2014

Mom made the best breads and cinnamon rolls...

Mama's Oh So Sweet Sourdough Rolls

Coming home from school to the smell of home baked bread and cinnamon or caramel pecan rolls was wonderful! We had a huge family, lived on a farm/horse ranch.... and we all loved it when Mom was baking because she always added the "secret ingredient" .... LOVE!

My mother was an award and prize winning cook, and her 9 children and friends and relatives were the taste testers! It was a dirty job... but someone had to do it... lol

Jessica Bittiker
May 15, 2014

moms mayonnaise cake

My Mom Grew Up With My Grandmother Making This For Birthdays And Desserts. It's A Cheap Cake To Make And You Don't Need A Lot Of Ingredients. My Mom Always Made It For Us And The Best Part Was You Didn't Always Need Icing Just Put Some Butter On A Piece Right Out Of The Oven.

Straws Kitchen
May 13, 2014

The story is on the recipe....♥

My Mom, "Duwanna's Cocoa Cake" Cin

But, I'll add the story here too:

"Duwanna's Cocoa Cake"
This is a recipe of a cake and frosting that was my Fathers favorite.

When we were living on the the early 50's.

I can remember my Mother baking this cake every night for supper.

My Fathers favorites were ''Breakfast, and Dessert after Supper".

When we moved to the Farm at Hickory Creek we moved into a house that was built to be a Church house.

It had no running water inside, but had a well outside the back door.

Therefore it had no indoor bathroom either, just a ''3-hole'' outhouse.

It did have electricity though.

Our bedrooms were the 3-Sunday School rooms, the Sanctuary was our living and dining room, the only room with heat), the kitchen was put in the Choir room.

I was about 9 by the time Daddy fixed a pump in the kitchen, hooked to the well out back, and put a bathroom in the room that used to be the Preachers office.

The house was full of love...and people. There was Dad, Mom, my Brother, Dads Mother, Moms Father and Mother and me.

My Mother got up early and made us bacon, eggs, biscuits and gravy every morning.

Saving the bacon drippings to bake her cake every evening.

Every night when Mom put supper on the table she'd put her ''CoCoa'' cake in the oven, so it would be done when we finished eating.

She'd frost it right out of the oven and we'd have that wonderful moist warm cake every night.

My Dad loved all things chocolate...he'd say, "I want my chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream and I prefer it in a brown bowl".

My Moms smile would go from ear to ear as she beamed.

I entered this "Recipe and Story" in a Mothers Day Contest years ago and to my surprise.......I won 1st Place.

Melanie B
May 12, 2014

Seafood Salad

My ex-husband's Grandmother made this every year for Thanksgiving and my MIL makes it at Christmas and now at Thanksgiving since her mother has passed. I asked her one time why this was on her holiday menu and she said that her mom made it every year growing up. They live in south Mississippi, so I guess it's appropriate. I love it.

Grandmother's Seafood Salad

Elaine Bovender
May 10, 2014

Mom's macaroni and cheese

My mom worked in a factory when I was growing up and when she came home, she was usually very tired and looking for something easy for dinner. When we had American cheese on hand, she would make Creamy Stovetop Macaroni & Cheese Kid's Love. This is pretty much exactly the way mom made it. If we didn't have any American cheese, she would use Velveeta or Cheese Whiz, whatever we had on hand. Mom's gone now, but I still make this her way and raised my kids and grandkids on it. My hubby loves it, too. It's one of those recipes that brings back many childhood memories. Have a great Mother's Day, everyone!

Frances Alvarado
May 10, 2014

Mom's Meatloaf

My Mom's best dish was her meatloaf which has only 4 basic ingredients and then whatever was leftover in the frig from the rest of the week. She used eggs, crackers, milk, and hamburger as the basics then as I said before whatever looked good in the frig. For that reason her meatloaves were never the same twice. She would also hide whatever we didn't like in the meatloaf - chopped up small so we hopefully wouldn't see it. I have changed the 4 basic ingredients to eggs, breadcrumbs (whatever flavor you prefer), basically a clear beef soup, and hamburger - then following her tradition - whatever looks good in the frig.

Tammy T
May 9, 2014

Mom's Hamburger Pie

My Mothers Hamburger Pie- My Johnny's Favorite

This is still a family favorite. My children now make it.