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We Talk about Health..Some Home Biz and Companies that Are the Bomb..
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Valeree Dunbar
May 7, 2014


Hello there! I just joined today. looking forward to some good information and good health topics to discuss.

patricia martin
May 7, 2014

Be Aware

In Cooking..all Oils are Not the Same..I use Extra Virgin Coconut Oil when frying..baking..eating or putting on my Skin..All other Oils turn Racid when heat reaches a certain Temp..and this can cause problems later in health..Can help to cause Cancer ect..Sometime hard especially when eating out and deep fried foods to know what kind of oil is using but when I am at home..only thing on my counter is coconut oil

patricia martin
May 7, 2014

Welcome all New Members

Hi I want to say Hi to everyone..New members
I was going to delete the group and I did delete a post that had a link to my Vitamin that I use to help me with pain for my arthritis and other pain since someone..oh so nicely pointed out that this was not if anyone interested they can privately message me for the info..

debbie Johnson
May 6, 2014

Nutritional Value?

Hi, I'm not new but just becoming a fairly active
participant. I love the recipes but is the nutritional value listed anywhere in the the recipe? I need to lose weight and am counting calories. Help!