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This is not a new group, but it is a blended family of 3 groups where you can find almost anything.

Had a rough day? Need a laugh? Stop in and grab 1 or 2. Or even better ... do you have a laugh to share? By all means, do share with us.

Food is the tie that binds us all. We all love it .. from soup to nuts .. so feel free to share what you have, enjoy what is already here or ask a question on anything food related.

Are you annoyed at something .. need to get it off of your chest .. this is the place.

Do you just want to chat about something fun .. this is the place.

Do you have something off the wall you want to talk about .. this is the place.

Come on in, grab a drink, pull up a chair and chat away .. we are here to just listen, participate or to help if you want it.

We aren't here to solve world problems but you never know, we just may stumble onto something and in the process you may just makes some really great friends too!

There is 1 rule and that is there will never be a time where pornography is permitted.

Thanks for understanding !

Maggie M
20 hours ago

Creating A Tradition

Creating A Tradition

Holiday traditions are some of the most memorable. I love this video and hope you will enjoy it too.

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Maggie M
Tuesday at 4:42 AM

Gifts From Your Kitchen

There is only 1 thing better than giving a gift, made with love, from your kitchen and that is receiving one!

Here are a few ideas for some homemade gifts.

Please feel free to add your ideas :)

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Maggie M
Tuesday at 4:42 AM

Happy December !

Can you believe it .. we are now in the final month of 2020 !

What a year this has been.

In spite of all the horrible things that have happened this year it has - thankfully - moved along rather quickly.

We are in a new month .. let's make this one as happy and fun as possible ... welcome to December !

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Sherry Blizzard
Monday at 11:42 AM

Secret Cupid (Valentine's Day) 2021

Hello secret admirers! Today through December 14 you can private message me the following if you want to participate in the gift exchange on Valentines Day, 2021: first and last name, and the address you want your gift mailed.

Let's keep it to $20 or less OR homemade gifts are even better if you are so inclined.

I think it is safe to say that we are all DONE with 2020 and look forward to a better and brighter year ahead.

I will randomly pair everyone up and will private message you the name and address of your secret cupid by January 4. On January 18 I will send out a message reminding you to get or make something for your cupid. Your gift should be in the mail by January 30. Please let me know when you receive your gift so I can check off your name. We do not want anyone that wishes to participate to be left out or unintentionally forgotten.

Bill Heleine
Monday at 5:17 AM

1 more chore to finish

Good morning everyone, hope you're all well. Today I'm going to start the front wall in the living room. It's in pretty good shape and should only need paint. That's the last thing I want to do this year except get presents ready for Christmas. I'm sending my 2 daughters a care package. It will have my homemade salsa, sweet jalapeno mustard, and a peach bourbon BBQ sauce I found on Pinch. I'm also making up some seasonings to put in. Then I'm going to go to the local lumber company and see about getting some hardwood to make some cutting boards. Oh don't let me forget I have to make Christmas cookies! Okay take care everyone and be safe and keep cooking!