Going for the BLUE!

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If you are anything like me you want blue ribbons! We are proud of our recipes and want good ratings... With that in mind I thought it would be fun to make a group for just the top three favorites. Your OWN top three favorites. These are those heirloom recipes that have been tried and true throughout the years. CAN you pick just three!?

It will be most challenging to all these awesome cooks... but let's give it a go!

George Levinthal
Aug 25, 2016

Blue Ribbon No. 4

I received my Blue Ribbon, Apron and World Food Championship packet today. I'm thrilled to receive the Blue Ribbon and am honored to be representing Just A Pinch at the WFC again this year. My Chorizo Bacon Cheddarburger will knock the judge's socks this year. Thanks JAP.

Chorizo, Bacon Cheddarburger

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Tiege stucky
Aug 7, 2016

Wow. Easy and Super Inexpensive New York Strips

Cool secret in this one and why ever go to a steak house. You won't believe the secret ingredient. CRUSHES Steak House Expensive New York Strip Steak

Tiege stucky
Aug 7, 2016

Super Casserole-Turkey Tetrazini

This is a beautiful recipe and very simple. One of my 3 favorites. FOOL PROOF EXCEPTIONAL TURKEY TETRAZZINI

George Levinthal
Aug 3, 2016

Blue Ribbon Happy Dance

I am thrilled to announce that my Chorizo Bacon Cheddarburger has just received a JAP Blue Ribbon. Thank-you Janet and the JAP Kitchen Crew for this honor. Please give it a pinch and enjoy.

Chorizo, Bacon Cheddarburger

Katrina Freed
Mar 9, 2016

Third blue ribbon!

I just got notice that the test kitchen tried my cookie recipe and awarded it the coveted blue ribbon! Chocolate Cherry Thumbprint Cookies

Maureen Haddock
Oct 4, 2015

My Second Blue Ribbon: YAY

I promised to share the blog I wrote after receiving my first blue ribbon from Just a Pinch. Apparently I didn't do that. This group understands my excitement. I do enjoy you! Here is the URL.


I was delighted to receive another ribbon for my Yo-yo cookie recipe. The test kitchen had a very different result than I get with the recipe, but they enjoyed them anyway. The Yo-yo recipe is supposed to make a very deep cookie so that it looks like a yo-yo toy when baked. Either way, do check the recipe out. I am going to make long caterpillars with the same recipe this year. See below.
Yo-Yo Cookies Reshaped for Halloween

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