HFCS-Free Cooking

Hosted by Lauren Conforti
Group active since Sat, Aug 14, 2010

HFCS = High Fructose Corn Syrup. I've started this group for recipes made with no HFCS. My husband has a bad reaction to it, so I've started to search for recipes & packaged goods without HFCS.

Jo Zimny
Feb 15, 2011


Have you seen the ads on t.v. trying to gloss over this issue? I have and it really un-nerved me. Glad to see this group here. :)

Susan Fisher
Aug 26, 2010

From scratch is the way to go

This is a great concept. I try to cook from scratch always and avoid processed foods and I seem to be able to avoid HFCS. It seems to be added to so many processed, packaged foods for no reason. My son the slow food activist says it is because of the corn subsidy by the USDA--they had to find a way to use all that corn!

Heidi Hoerman
Aug 14, 2010

What an excellent idea!

This is great. There's more and more evidence that consumtion of HFCS, like soy protein, has significant health risks.

HFCS sneaks into all sorts of things. We are now adjusting the cereals we buy to avoid the stuff. We are trying to keep hidden soy out as well.

Of course, we are going to have popcorn at the movies today with extra "butter" but that's a choice to eat true mystery-food whereas we can choose at home to keep the mystery chemicals to a minimum.