"For where two or three are gathered together in my Name, there am I in the midst of them."

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“ I wonder when He comes again, will herald angels sing?
Will earth be white with drifted snow, Or will the world know spring?
I wonder if one star will shine far brighter then the rest; Will daylight stay the whole night through?
Will songbirds leave their nests? I'm sure He'll call His little ones together round His knee,
Because He said in days gone by, “ Suffer them to come to Me “.
I wonder when He comes again, Will I be ready there to look upon His loving face and join with Him in prayer?
Each day I'll try to do His will and let my light so shine that others seeing me may seek for greater divine.
Then, when that blessed day is here, He'll love me and He'll say. You've served me well. My little child; Come unto my arms to stay. “

Please feel free to post and comment on any subject that is of importance to You.....

Fireman Bob Cooney

Eddie Jordan
Aug 5, 2015


Good afternoon brother Bob C. My Mother in law is doing fine now. She had two bleeding ulcers. Thank you all for the prayers!

Bob Cooney
Jul 30, 2015

Help me Welcome all the new members.....

Please join with me in Welcoming all our newest members !

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Fireman Bob :) :)

Eddie Jordan
Jul 30, 2015


Hi Bob C. I would like prayers for my Mother in law. she had to go to the emergency room yesterday. Her name is Donivee Chany I don;t know much all I know she has a bad allergy.and she can't stop coughing.

Sharon Colyer
Jun 30, 2015


I am posting this message from Letizia, as she is ill & needs prayer. Thank you.

Letizia Tripp Letizia_Tripp
hellomy friends

I am going through very difficult times right nows . been in a lot of pain . been in a lot of pain for 2 months now . don't know what's wrong yet . can I please ask for a lot of prayers ? thank you . I cant work for a while either . need to stay off my feet . I am very miserable . I love to get cards .in case anybody would love to do that I would appreecciate it so much . thanks .

letizia tripp
2604 S. E.
16th place
Cape Coral FL 33904 .

Eddie Jordan
Feb 28, 2015

Prayers for Gradnpa

Hello Bob C,. It seems like I only talk to you when I ask prayers for someone or family. I would like to ask prayers or Grandpa Francis Roberts, he has a lot of dietetic sores on his legs and his colon cancer is showing back. He is going for more tests Monday. GOD BLESS.

Eddie Jordan
Dec 22, 2014


Hi Bob, I want to thank you and everybody for the prayers. I am fine now and just waiting for spring to plant the garden. GOD BLESS and Merry Christmas.

Straws Kitchen
Dec 19, 2014

Prayer request

I would like to ask for prayers for my brother Rocky....he has been ill for a few years now and is failing more.

He has an incurable disease called "Locomotor Ataxia Progressive Supranuclear Palsy".
He now has to use a walker or wheelchair all the time.....is taking motor therapy, speech therapy and getting other help. He falls often, splitting his head a few months ago taking 19 staples to hold it together.

They thought he had a stroke the other day and he's now in the hospital...will be going from their to rehab for 10 days or so.

Also pray for his wife ReaDawn for strength taking care of him. The doctors want her to place him into a nursing-home, but she says she's not ready to do that.

Thank you in advance for your prayers....CinStraw