Cooking for the Freezer

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Busy? Want dinner already made? This group is for cooking ahead several meals and freezing them for easy serving later. Whether it's just doubling/tripling a recipe you're already cooking, and freezing the extra... or cooking up & freezing a month's worth of meals in one weekend!

Sea Sun
Nov 6, 2012

Type of Freezer (Chest or Upright)?

I have a pretty large LG three door (freezer on bottom) stainless steel fridge and a chest freezer. However, I want to upgrade to a larger upright model where I don't have to remove things to get to other things. I'd like things to be further organized and I'd like more room to make more stuff particularly with the holidays upon us.

How did you acquire your freezer?

What type is it? (Fridge only, Chest or Upright)

Where did you purchase it or was it given to you? I have been looking for sales and recently on local Craigslist. Any other suggestions?

Sea :-)

Sea Sun
Nov 4, 2012

From Freezer to Oven

Spiced Pumpkin Pie

I baked one of my pumpkin pies had been prebaked and stored in the freezer for well over a month. It came out perfectly!

I have many other pies in the freezer just waiting to be baked...great head start on the holidays!

Sea Sun
Jul 22, 2012

CP Honey Chicken and Rice

Crock Pot Honey Chicken and Rice

I found this recipe today...this could work really well I think, if you toss everything in a freezer bag, thaw the night before and pop it in the CP the following day.

My family is going to be trying a plethora of chicken dishes and very soon. ;-)

Sea Sun
Jul 22, 2012

Which method... you prefer? Fully cooking the entire meal (let's say soup, for instance) and freezing to be reheated later...or prepping ingredients to be thawed and cooked later on the day you want to serve?

Everything I have made to freeze so far utilizes the latter method.

Sea Sun
Jul 21, 2012

New to this...

Kind of!

I have made triple batches and frozen them...cookie dough, breads, entrees and that sort of thing. However, I'm taking this seriously now. No really! LOL

I will soon have a big freezer in my basement and I'm very happy because I just prepared about 10-12 meals and frozen them. My regular freezer (pull out drawer/french door fridge) is absolutely stuffed and I know that isn't ideal. Plus, I am on a roll and want to keep going.

I'm really excited about this because I have always said that if you're going to make the effort and the mess, it may as well be once.

This summer has kicked my butt with the kids home from school, working, working more, helping hubby work on projects. I really want to take advantage of the ooomph and time I have when I have it!

The recipes I have gathered have been from a library book I just recently checked out as well as online on various sites and I will mention that I have already altered the originals. I think because many of the recipes I have seen are for 4 servings and we are a family of 5 in addition to us appreciating leftovers for lunches the following day. I have either doubled or increased ingredients by 50%, leaving extras out and adding where I feel necessary.

It will all work out. :-)

I wish I had a friend who is willing to help cook along with me!

Donna Thiemann
Jun 7, 2012

Made doggies vegetables today!

It's been way too long but I'm back to share a recipe I did for my dog who is joining me dieting! We both got overweight from arthritis and after this RA flair got so bad I had to do something about the strain on my joints! Well my dog Abby hurt her leg and her arthritis is bad too!

Off to the Vet we went and she asked me to put raw Veggies on Abby's food. Abby cannot digest them raw so I boiled them up with beef broth and puréed them in the food processor...All ready for the freezer now in little ziplocks!

Cheap, good for diet and good for her! I had to come "tweet" about it so maybe a freezer pal would enjoy it too!

Hugs to you all Girls, I will write up the recipe and post it to the group!

lisa mickey
Jun 4, 2012

Freezer cooking for the crk pot


My oldest dd ( Married) & niece get together once every 8 wks or so to cook & or prepare meals for the crk pot by way of the freezer. I esp love using those meals for Sunday Supper.

We did Meatballs. sweet & sour pork chops , lasagna , enchiladas to name a few.
plus we made up Bisquick , corn bread mix too.


susan simons
Apr 1, 2012

Freezer French Toast

I made several loaves of this for the freezer this weekend it is so easy to just pull a couple of slices out in the morning and have a quick breakfast or one one the run, my kids have made this into peanut butter and banana sandwhiches, peanut butter and jeyy or even just easten in hand on the way to the bus stop. And they are much cheaper than eggo waffles or comercial french toast. after freezing on cookie sheet I then either put them in zip lock freezer bags or back in the bread loaf bag the bread came out of,, recycle reuse. Texas French Toast