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This group is for everyone who is concerned about what is in their food these days. It will be information on GMOs, Gluten and Steroid Hormones just to name a few, all of which is a controversial subject in regards to the food that we eat everyday. I welcome anyone and everyone who would love to share positive information on these subjects. If you DO NOT care as to what chemicals go into your food, DO NOT have an open mind,or you DO NOT believe that there is a problem with our current food supply, I'm sorry to say that this group is not for you.
This is a place for all of the like minded or open minded individuals to get together and discuss the current problems with our food and the ways for us to work around it. I have adopted a favorite saying from Chef Andy that is so very true and that is "Knowledge is Power!!!!".
I have only a couple rules...
Rule 1. Play nice in the sand box! (not everyone will be in agreement 100% of the time)But, lets be adults and keep discussions civil. Meaning no bashing or nastiness. This will not be tolerated! If I see it, I will moderate this group strictly. This could mean either the removal of the comment/post and/or being removed from the group.
Rule 2. Have fun with good conversations with good friends on the subject matter.

Linda Kauppinen
Mar 25, 2017

Old fashioned and hard to find kitchen items...

If you are wishing you had some of those old fashioned items Grandma used to have in the kitchen, well there is a place to get quite a few of them. I found on the most part most are reasonably priced.
You can get crocks of various sizes with lids, weights, etc. Crockery of all sorts, kitchen gadgets, glass milk and juice bottles of various types and sizes, the list goes on.
visit and check it out. You just may find something you need or wish you had!

Jane Hughes
Mar 21, 2017

Major Edamame Recall Due to Listeria

According to the Rodale Wellness article, it's the edamame that's sold in grocery store sushi bars in quite a few states.