Tropical Delish

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Saipan is a mix of many cultures which has led to a unique variety of cuisines, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, European, and American. Our spices and herbs come from different countries which we used in most of our cooking. Most of our island favorites are spicy and also most of the hardy dishes, we use coconut milk for that uniqueness in taste. Fruits, vegetables, herbs, seafood, and even chocolate grown in our tropical island are fresh and flavorful. I hope you will fine our dishes to be superb to your taste buds.

Marina Neff
Aug 19, 2011

I'd Like to Invite You

to my discussion group called: Share Our Strength CookBook Project.

Share Our Strength is a Non Profit organization that is dedicated to ending childhood hunger. They work with many big name chefs and food distributers to provide food for underprivileged children and It is endorsed by FoodNetwork who also sponsors Community Bakesales all over the country as fundraisers. (Sandra Lee from (Semi- Homemade) is one of their National spokespersons)

I am compiling a community style cookbook of Rice and Rice based recipes and am hoping to collect recipes from all over. Naturally, anyone who contributes a recipe (or more) will get full credit for any recipe they contribute with their name and hometown printed next to the recipe(s) they submit, and 100% of all sales of the cookbook will be donated to Share Our

The recipe's can be anything at all... salads soups, main dishes, side dishes, risottos, cassaroles, drinks, desserts.... vegan, vegetarian, ethnic, with or without any kind of protein.... They can use any kind of rice, or rice based ingredient (Rice noodles, Rice flour, Rice wines and vinegars, Rice Milk, and Even Rice Cereals...etc) As long as you have cooked it yourself, and it has rice somewhere in the recipe, the submission is welcome ( you can even include a little blurb about your recipe if you like )

I Really hope you will join my discussion group and help me to get this project off the ground. It means a lot to me. Thankyou


Angela Gray
Jul 18, 2011

Looking for recipe's using lemon grass and cilantro

My husband and I love ethnic foods and one of our favorite recipes uses lemon grass. A favorite dish of ours is stir-fried chicken with lemon grass. We also love cilantro and coconut milk. We ate in Hawaii a coconut cilantro type soup, it was amazing ! If any of you ladies has a recipe with any of these ingredients I would love to have it.Thank you so much. I will share a recipe with you, although it may not fit this group 100% I think you will enjoy it. Boiled Shrimp with Creamy Buttermilk Avocado Sauce

Carolyn Hair
Mar 28, 2011

Am looking for new tropical recipes and just joined JAP

Just joined JAP last week and today found your group, I am looking for new recipes that use any kind of coconut ingredients, mango, curry, ginger and seafood, brown rice, stir fries and like to use lots of greens. So if you have any recipes likes this, please pass them on. I just posted two of my recipes. I hope to try out some new exotic flavors soon. Oh and I like SPICY things too.

Juliann Esquivel
Sep 9, 2010

Sept 9, 2010

Hi Connie I miss you and your wonderful posts. Hope your move has been successful. Hope to hear from you soon. God bless and LOL

Juliann Esquivel
Aug 24, 2010

August 24, Question for you

Hi Connie do you know how to make Pad Thai? I would like to make this Asian dish. I am told it comes from Thailand & Vietnam. Just wondering if you have ever made this dish. I have a large box of rice noodles and would like to make this dish. Thanks Juliann

Tropical Delish

I want to thank you all for joining this group. It gives me great pleasure to share all the wonderful dishes from the Tropics. We are, as I mentioned in the description of the group, that we islanders love to cook with coconut milk and also that we love spicy dishes. The hotter the better.

By the way, as I mentioned, coconut grows everywhere on the islands and we have so many uses with every part of the tree. We make from Huts, mats, baskets, all kinds of delicious dishes, syrup, oil, soap, candy, shampoo, you name it...

Please check back for I will be posting more local dishes and I hope you all will enjoy sharing with your loves ones. Thanks again and I welcome you! :-)

Juliann Esquivel
Aug 6, 2010

Fish in Coconut sauce

I live in South Florida actually in the Florida Keys. I love tropical carribbean dishes. I am very interested in your island cuisine. I have submitted a dish I will post on top for you to see. Glad to join your club.