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Ellen Bales
Jul 22, 2014

Is Anybody Home?

Does anyone know what's happened to this group and Sasha? She hasn't had a posting since April. I hope she's okay. I wonder if she has purposely left JAP. Anyone know anything?

May 14, 2014


I have to complain here...I hate new stuff! (except for new recipes of course!) My hinge on my laptop malfunctioned so since my DH figured "all I ever do is read websites and email" I would be happy with this new Chrome Book. NOT! I cant use my usual browser Firefox, my microsoft email or address, my calendar that has all of my bills, payments, reminders and passwords and there is a different way of scrolling, highlighting and tons of other stuff!
I am disgusted....I am happy that I remembered my password to get into least that is still here...thanks for listening to my rant!

Ellen Bales
Apr 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

I would like to wish everyone a very blessed Easter!

Bob Wakeman
Apr 1, 2014

What the heck. Don't people use turn signals.

Why don't people use turn signals any more. Do they think they have to be filled with blinker fluid. They are put on the car to let some one know you are going to make a turn. And don't put them on when you get to the street. Give me some kind of warning. I get pissed when they eather don't use them or wait till they are right on the street they plan on turning on to.

Give me a break. They will not run out of blinker fluid. They don't take fluid. Just use them. PLEASE...

Mar 27, 2014

My response to the umpteen e-mails I receive from HMO's with threats to have to pay a tax penalty included..

With a $ 6000 deductible I will be going bankrupt anyway.( one of the e-mails told me that I would go bankrupt with the high cost of medical care should I choose not to take their plan). I make less then $21.000 per year. Where do all the monies go? The ones that get paid in by people who never get sick and have been paying for decades? I will not be forced into paying for health insurance which I cannot afford. When I first came to this country, before HMO's screwed the american people with greed and ignorance to the needs of the sick, we paid 5 dollars per week and that covered Health, Dental and Mental. This is NOT right..this borders on dictatorship.
With all due respect...I decline. and should I get sick I will move to Germany or any other European Country (or Canada) which offers their people socialized healthcare so the sick and elderly can afford to be sick and elderly and pay their rent/mortgage and put food on the table. And NO ONE forced them to get what they cannot afford and then penalizes them for it...
SHAME on this country!