Newbies United

Hosted by Stephanie Watson
Group active since Thu, Feb 13, 2014

If you just came here and are new join this group. We can support each other and share. I'll tell you up front I'm a vegan and will change your recipes to vegan! :) But we can still support each other as newbies.

Beth Renzetti
Aug 6, 2014

recipe categories

I am so happy to find a place to submit recipes that has a community!

I do have 1 question - when choosing 'regional style' during recipe submission, there is no option for South America. I've been choosing Latin America but that doesn't *really* fit. Is there somewhere I can request South America be added to the list? Thank you!

Cathy White
Feb 20, 2014

Posting a Recipe

Can you work on posting multiple recipes at the same time or do you have to do one recipe at a time? TIA

Cathy White
Feb 18, 2014


Congrats to the winners of the contest. I'm glad it's over. I'm actually curious as to what the next contest will be. I just hope it's drama-free!

Cathy White
Feb 15, 2014

Adding a link

Help! How do I add a link to a post or discussion?

Cathy White
Feb 14, 2014


Hi! just joined about a week ago. Overall, my experience here has been positive. I'm on the Paleo diet but do Vegan also as well as gluten-free. I too change recipes to suit my dietary needs i.e. sugar = I substitute agave, stevia or coconut palm sugar. Looking forward to sharing my recipes. I've had made some recipes here from the site == delish!