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I would like to share classic cocktails, new cocktails and wine recommendations. I enjoy making cocktails when I entertain, or I'm relaxing outside in the back yard at the Sugar Shack. Please share your recipes and recommendations and even pairing suggestions if you like.

Renée G.
May 5, 2014

What goes better with Cinco de Mayo than Tequila?

Happy Cinco de Mayo Everyone.

C'mon over to Margaritaville. Bunch of recipes here.

Robin Arquilla
Apr 27, 2014

I have been MIA for a long while- Please this group is for beverages only

I have to figure out how to remove "food" recipes. I'm sorry- but this is a cocktail place.

Holly Deshane
Apr 8, 2014


I thought this was a drink group. There are more non drink recipes than drink recipes. It's too bad you couldn't delete the other recipes. I've found this with so many groups, that it's annoying.

Love this!

First letter of Your name.

Rest follows.....

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Holly Deshane
Mar 31, 2014


I love drink recipes, and trying new ones. I made a Limencello Margarita the other night and it was soooo good. I should post it and share.

Bob Cooney
Mar 25, 2014

i don't drink but.....

I'll be the Bartender and Designated Driver.....

Fireman Bob : )))))))

Just joined

Great idea and love the name!! ;)

Robin Arquilla
Feb 13, 2014

Welcome MelBelle!

Hope you enjoy and also share goodies with us!