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Albert Reynolds
Apr 22, 2015

This new "Hash Tag" commercial.

The best I can tell, it has to do with Subway. But, it's so hard to understand because of everyone saying "hash tag this", &, "hash tag that".
And, what does "Hash tag, Nom, Nom" mean? Sounds stupid to me.
What's wrong with these people? Can't they even speak English?
Do they need to be sent back to elementary school to be taught basic English? Or, should they be sent all the way back the kindergarten?
I know I'm not the smartest person alive, but, I can make myself be understood.
By both the written & the spoken word.

Sassy Daniel
Jun 9, 2014

Fund Raisers

This past weekend they were having the Paws and Claws group {they take in cats and dogs and try to get them into homes}down at the tractor and supply store. My husband had took our chi yorkie in the day before the vets and had is toe nail cliped. This group Paws and Claws were suppose to help raise money for the 4-H kids to help them go the state finals. It started at 9am and they didn't get there till almost 9:30. Then the lady who was to be there to give animals baths and show grooming tricks had show up yet. They finally let us know she was running late. Then about 30 minutes after that they told us she wasn't coming at all. This happen all out side standing in 90 degree heat. Did we give a donation to Paws and Claws for the 4-H kids for state. No we did not and I wouldn't give them anything. This is bad advertisement for these 4 h 4-H kids. I will take the donation straight to the 4H club but never will I depend on the Paws and Claws club. Second time we have seen bad dealings from this club.

Albert Reynolds
May 30, 2014

The CoffeeMate commercial

It starts out with a man pouring coffee mate into his coffee. Then, he hears someone clearing their voice behind him. He turns, &, there stands a girl scout who starts talking about some of the things she's done to be rewarded.
Then she asks, "What did you do to deserve that CoffeeMate with some kind of girl scout cookie flavor in it? It's the only one like it ever?"
He says, "I changed the printer ink. It's really tricky."
But, I look at her on the tv & say, sarcasticly, "I minded my own business."
I don't like nozy people. People who have their nose stuck so far up someone elses backside, they're not even sure if the sun is shining.
They're so busy always trying to find out what someone else is doing, they don't have time to take care of their own business.
Many times, they neglect to take care of themselves. You see it most often in the elderly. They tend to dress sloppily & neglect to comb their hair as often.
I'm not talking about dementia or any other mental illness. These people are just plain, what used to be called "busy bodies". Always sticking their nose where it doesn't belong.
Well. I've had my say for today. I'll get off my soap box now. Someone else may want to say something.

Bob Wakeman
Mar 19, 2014

It was election day in IL yesterday.

In the precinct that I was a judge at. We had 884 voters registered. We had only 94 that voted. In the next precinct they had over 1000 registered voters. They had a whopping 64 show up to vote. Makes me sick. If you want a change. Get off you can and vote. Don't come crying to me if you are to lazy to vote. The poles were open from 6am till 7pm. No reason not to vote.

Albert Reynolds
Mar 17, 2014

Excessive commercials

My wife & I were trying to watch a show last night on TV that we had looked forward to all week. "Resurrection" on ABC.
It was more like watching commercials with sketches of the show thrown in.
"We interrupt our commercials for a brief viewing of the regularly scheduled program."
What can be done about this?
Can we boycott ABC, &, any other broadcasting company who tries to do the same?
Can our senators & congress people do anything?
Agravated TV watchers want to know.
Any suggestions?

Sassy Daniel
Mar 12, 2014

Tired of everyone in a hurry

This is about driving. And every day especially when its going to work or coming home there is always some one who leaves to late in the morning then has to dodge between cars and almost causes a traffic accident. Had one car the other day who was trying to introduce itself. I say it was at least a good 3 feet away from my bumper. They would ease out to the right to see if they could pass me and then off the shoulder on the left which really got me worried. Another car in the next lane over saw what this person was doing to me and he got right up beside me and stayed there so the car had no way to go around me on the right. So All I had to worry about was the left. When it came time for me to turn the car that had helped me blew his horn and a thumbs up and I motioned a thank you to him. The girl in the car that kept tail gating me of course gave me a Salute with her middle finger. We were doing the speed limit. It wasn't our fault if she was late. And better yet she was talking on her cell phone to boot and trying to put her make up on. Now tell me if she was dangerous. I don't do road blocks as us ex truckers call what we did that day but maybe we slowed her down some and nobody got hurt while she was in our eye sight.

Connie Ottman
Mar 11, 2014

I'm sick and tired

of day light savings time change. My poor mind just can't handle "Spring forward" and "Fall back".

Connie Ottman
Mar 7, 2014

I'm sick and tired

of people that drive without using their car blinkers. They go from the far lane to the inside lane, turn in front of you, pull out into your path, etc,. all without using their blinkers. I really wonder if they have a license and if so, from what state. We have a lot of tourist in Orlando and I understand their erratic behavior. The rest of them....not so much!