Casseroles that DON'T use canned soup!

Hosted by Jeanne Collins
Group active since Sun, Feb 09, 2014

Canned soup is extremely high in sodium, contains hidden allergens, and is downright nasty! But is seems 90% of all casserole recipes call for canned soup. I started this group to see if there are others who feel the same way and would love to share casserole recipes that don't use canned soup as an ingredient.

Barb Townsend
Jan 5, 2016

No canned soup please.

Why is it I see a recipe that looks really yummy and when I get to the ingredients it lists canned soup. If I wanted the flavor and sodium content of canned soup,I would open a can for myself.
I am excited to see the title of this group...casseroles that don't use canned soup. I even found a potato soup recipe that had two different cans of canned soup in it.
I will keep my eyes open here and I am looking forward to many 'no canned soup' recipes. Thank you. Barb

Eddie Jordan
Feb 9, 2014

canned soup

I use canned soup in my casseroles, but I make my own soup like cream of mushroom,chicken broth or beef broth, vegetable stock