Gardening and canning 2017

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Any body that is planning a vegetable garden and canning what they harvest, this group is for you

Eddie Jordan
Sep 26, 2017


I have some seeds I wonder if any body could tell me what they are

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Joey Wolf
Sep 2, 2017

This week........

got enough tomatoes to can and more green beans......i pickled some little cherry tomatoes (for Bloody Mary's) I'd like to try some dilled green beans too....these are not canned, just put into a jar and covered with a brine and set in the frige for a couple of weeks. Also did 6 pints & 2 qts of chicken stock. The cupboard is looking good for a long winter!

Joey Wolf
Aug 27, 2017

I've been canning green beans!!

23 pints in the cupboard so far, and the half inch of rain today insures there will be more this week! Next, on to tomatoes, which are slow this year but finally coming on. I want to pickle some of the cherry tomatoes and do some pickled green beans for Bloody Mary's.....doesn't that sound good? I have lots of freezer corn done and some zucchini both in bread and grated form for loaves later. I will chop a few green peppers for the freezer, but we don't really care for peppers cooked, so they will be used for more of a garnish.

What are you all doing with your produce?

Joey Wolf
Jul 19, 2017

Japanese Beetles!

the dreaded JB"s have invaded Oquawka! a friend has been battling them for over a week and they finally made the 6 block flight to my house! they are spraying like mad in corn fields, which is probably driving them into town. you can actually hear them hit your windshield when driving on the highway! their only redeeming virtue is they don't smear up the glass!

i spray my porch with an old Paul Harvey recipe for mosquito's......the beetles do not seem to like it much either! it's mixed in a 1/2 gal sprayer: 3 C of Epson Salts, 3 stale (flat/cheap beers) a huge bottle of the cheapest blue mouthwash you can find. i spray my deck/porch and the foliage surrounding them with this really deters the mosquitos without harming kids, pets or plants!

Joey Wolf
Jul 17, 2017

i have green beans!!!

i have been weeding the garden. today, doing the inside of the green bean trellis, i found a couple of green beans. these are from seed i saved last year. they all sprouted, but are not as vigorous as the ones i bought. not sure, if it's the seeds or the goofy weather. i am going to do a 2nd planting, as i have SCADS of seeds and see if we can't fill the trellis a little heavier.

my zinnias are almost ready to bloom, tomatoes are starting to trickle in, mostly the little grape ones. i've picked 2 zucchini and the cucumbers and peppers are blooming. my garden is late this year;but even those who got theirs in early aren't picking much yet.

we had sweet corn from the local produce stand last night, it was wonderful! this am i, fried some tators, with onion, bacon, tomato and the leftover sweet corn i cut off the cob.......added some cheese and fried an egg for the top of it. YUM!!!

Eddie Jordan
May 29, 2017

Watermelon And Cucumbers

Cucumbers and melons too close in the garden?

I have planted watermelons and cucumbers close together in my garden. Friends told me that was a mistake, that the watermelons would taste like cucumbers. Do I have to move my melons further from my cucumbers? If so, how far?

You are in luck, you don't have to move your plants. There would be a problem only if you were planning to save seeds from your watermelon to plant next year. The effects of the pollen are expressed in the next generation, so if you saved seed and planted them next year, then the melon would have characteristics of the cucumber. Even then, the cucumber pollen would only have an effect if the genetic material from the cucumber pollen successfully fertilized an ovule forming a seed.

With regard to the watermelons produced this year, the pollen from the cucumbers would not affect the flavor of the melons. The melon is produced by the mother (seed) plant; only the seed itself is affected by the genetic material in the pollen. Since we do not intentionally eat watermelon seeds, and they do not contribute significantly to the flavor of the melon, this year's crop should not be affected.

This is a common gardening concern so I spoke with several experts to confirm my answer. Jim Sais, former New Mexico State University Extension Horticulture Specialist, confronted this question in his career and felt that often the cause of this was the eating of a melon which was underripe or bitter due to environmental stress. Dr. Paul Bosland, New Mexico State University chile breeder, also gets similar questions from gardeners who plant hot jalapeno chile next to bell peppers. The gardeners are concerned that the bell peppers will get hot. He said that this is not possible, but it may appear to happen because gardeners may eat a jalapeno in the garden then a little later eat a bell pepper and detect a burning. He attributes this to the fact that the body, thankfully, blocks the signals from nerves affected by the "hot" chemicals in the jalapeno, then when eating the bell pepper, the chemicals are moved to new receptors and the nerve impulses released again. However, this season's bell pepper cannot become hotter from being pollinated by a hot pepper nearby.

If you do find a bell pepper which can become hot in this manner, Dr. Bosland would like some seed from the same seed packet from which you got the bell peppers. However, the science of genetics does not support the idea that cucumbers planted next to watermelons will ruin the melons or that hot peppers planted next to bell peppers will make the bell peppers hot. It is a fact, however, that sweet corn planted next to field corn will not be as sweet, or super sweet corn next to regular sweet corn will not be as sweet. That is because you eat the seed of corn and the pollen does influence the seed.

J. White Harris
May 18, 2017

I'm Getting My Garden Going Pretty Good

My garden is under way and is in full swing now:
My asparagus is still producing the spring crop.
I have gotten radishes from two plantings and the third planting is in the ground.
I have forty something tomato plants doing very good, I did lose one that was damaged in a storm.
There are 6 eggplants, 3 varieties, all doing fine.
The blackberries are putting on fruit and looking good.
Two plantings of cucumbers are growing well.
Two varieties of pole beans are growing well.
I planted 2 kinds of garlic last fall and they are looking good.
There are 2 varieties of watermelon and one type of cantaloupe growing well.
There are yellow strait neck squash, yellow and regular zucchini, and Lakota squash all looking healthy and growing well.
Three varieties of sweet peppers, (yellow, red, & orange) are growing well.
I have 6 rows of sweet corn that are looking good.
One row of okra is looking good. Cabbage, lettuce, kale, and chard are doing fine.