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Terri Coles The Huffington Post Canada09/12/13 02:55 PM ET

You've probably already know about the health benefits of yogurt, but did you know you can get them in a drink as well?

Like yogurt, kefir is a cultured milk product with a tart and even sour taste, but the two foods have some differences as well.

Kefir (pronounced kee-fer) originates from the Caucasus Mountains in Eastern Europe. It's believed that the name comes from the Turkish word "keif" which means good feeling. Kefir's flavour is naturally sweet and slightly bubbly, and mild but a bit tangy as well.

The drink is made either with kefir grains or a powdered kefir starter — the grains aren't an actual grain like wheat, but are made of bacteria and yeast. Generally of a thinner consistency than yogurt, kefir is usually sold as a drink, either plain or flavored.

The various types of beneficial microbiota contained in kefir make it one of the most potent probiotic foods available.

Mark Mcafee
Sep 19, 2017

Crohns Babe

Crohns Babe,

Your story of recovery using raw milk kefir is powerful. As the owner of organic pastures dairy, we hear this all the time. Doctors give up on their patients after they have exhausted all be drugs they have......then they come to us.

We refer them to your website and they recover using our raw Kefir and bone broth!!

Sure as hell beats a colostomy and cancer from remacade !!

We love you !!! Any time you are in Fresno....come see us at the farm. You are a personal hero.

I just started a you tube channel called Farmers over Pharmacies. Content is being developed. Stories like yours are the first priority.

Go raw milk!!! The ultimate gut biome healer.

Millie Johnson
Feb 9, 2014

Water Kefir

I have been researching water kefir and making kefir "soda". I think this is a very good video showing you how to make it.

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Areatha Daniels
Feb 8, 2014

Welcome DEB !

HI DEB. I just want to say welcome to our group. Make yourself at home, and get to know everyone. I just posted a recipe for " Making your own Kefir". We want you to feel free to post your "Kefir Recipes", most of all sare and have a GOOD time. We are all here to learn.

Areatha Daniels
Feb 7, 2014

WELCOME, Eddie & Melanie

Welcome Eddie and Melanie, feel free to post appropriate recipes. Fellowship with others, make great friends, learn all you can about Kefir and just have a good time, Welcome !

Areatha Daniels
Feb 7, 2014

Guess WHAT ???????

I just got MY GRAINS ...... Yea..... YEEPEEEE !!!!

Take a look.....

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Bonnie ^O^
Feb 6, 2014


Last week Dr. Mercola went to New York to tape a segment with Dr. Oz on multivitamins. It's scheduled to air on Monday, February 10th. You can find the channel and time it airs in your area by going to a link on The Dr. Oz Show and entering your zip code.

Areatha Daniels
Feb 6, 2014

Crohn's Babe Video on starting Kefir

As you know I'm expecting my grains to come at any time. And I'm overly excited. So I got up this morning very early, and started watching different YouTube's. I came across a young lady with a video blog called Crohn's Babe. I really enjoyed the short video and he gave instructions on starting your Kefir. I thought it would be nice to share it with the group.


I hope you learn and enjoy it.

Areatha Daniels
Feb 5, 2014

Can Kefir be cooked?

Can I cook or heat up my kefir? Yes, definitely although it will kill off helpful probiotics. Kefir grains are made up of living microorganisms — friendly fungi and bacteria whose task is to cleanse the intestines and guts from bad bacteria. Probiotics are microscopic miracle workers that do all the cleansing, healing, flushing, and so on. Sadly, they die when cooked, as would any other living organisms.

The good news is that there are other helpful nutrients in kefir grains that you will benefit from even after cooking. The white cauliflower-like kefir grains are rich in sugars, proteins, lipids, vitamins, and minerals. They also contain polysaccharide called kefiran, although I believe the word “kefir” was not named after this substance but the other way around. I learned that it was derived from a Turkish word that means “feeling good” or “a good feeling”

The important nutrients in kefir that will not go away due to heating are calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, tryptophan (an amino acid), folic acids, biotin, and Vitamins A, B2, B12, D, and K. Your nervous system benefits a lot from these, since the tryptophan calms your nerves while calcium and magnesium stabilizes your system.

Other than these contents, kefir also has antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties, which means kefir can treat several types of health problems, some of which I already mentioned above. These properties, however, are in danger of being damaged or lost when heated since they are brought about by the probiotics.

However, cooking kefir should not be your first option in how to consume your kefir for the main reason that cooking is said to kill the good bacteria. Consider cooking only after you’ve prepared your milk kefir already or when you wish to show off to your friends the many ways to consume kefir. ( smile)