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Why is food so comforting?

Why Is Food So Comforting
Comfort food should be simply prepared food that is very comforting and especially high in those good ole carbohydrates. Comfort foods have a wide variety of labels. Comfort food can be defined as psychological identification of foods used to modify a particular mood- alteration at a specific time. There’s nothing more inviting and romancing then the concept of food! Too many degrees of eating food is heartwarming to the senses, inviting to the taste buds and nourishing to human population involving growth. In one way or the other if you’re a carnivore, vegetarian or an extreme food addict, like me, food is one of my life’s daily comforts.
I chose to express my thoughts on comfort food because for several years all I do is cook, feed people and involve most of my adult experiences with comfort foods. Comfort foods heal the pain from many daily problems we encounter. So I really enjoy helping other people with the healing process of a problem by feeding them comfort food and sometimes you don’t have to say a word. In a lot of cases of resolving a personal issue words can be misunderstood. In other situations of resolution words can have bad timing and can harm the comfort which is supposed to be given at that particular moment. I suggest comfort food not only as an enjoyable and edible form of a hug.
One of the comfort foods I choose to feed people is blueberry muffins. Blueberry muffins represent many levels of warm and wonderful comforts from any form of stress a foodie can vent about. The comfort comes from the extra butter and blueberries I always add also. Then the muffin has to be served warm or at least room temperature. The shape of the blueberry muffin should be that of a button mushroom or a slight form of a mountain top. I basically want it to be shaped like the first thought of a muffin that pops in your mind when you hear the word muffin.
When it comes to some health issues I’ve learned behavior patterns can be increased appetite and carbohydrate cravings by watching the food network. Food Network offers so many exciting healthy, nutritional and absolutely comforting food television shows that will satisfy any degree of comfort food within any culture. I picked up on how changes in the brains chemistry are brought about by the climate change in seasons and slight alterations in the mind which can be also soothed by comfort foods. The yearnings and anxiety you get from the temptations of comfort food is usually a conveying form of security that needs to be satisfied. The security is given to people by mental awareness from a sudden fullness brought to the body and mind in a delicate and pleasing manner.
There are several other common behavioral and biological elements between the brain and comfort foods. Lighter, cooler foods like fresh fruits and vegetables were historically less available during the winter, so larger and heavier portion preferences for foods that are in season like starchier vegetables. Craving potatoes can be easily swapped out for sweet potatoes so you can to boost nutrition and satisfy your craving with a healthier impact. A cool, light and refreshing salad does not taste nearly as comforting as a large hot bowl of soup on a cold winter or fall day. But a small salad can be a complete slight comfort in the spring or summer on a warm day. The comfort foods equal out the mixed emotions lead on by stress with a fabulous result of delightful tasty comfort and brief satisfaction.
Comfort foods can be rewarding to the heart and soul but very damaging to the conscious. With a little determination the comfort of the actual food can and should be enjoyed in moderation but rarely does. Exercising at home using time fragments that burn off comfort foods regularly can sort of even out the guilty feelings. Using videos or the gym, or engaging in active outdoor activities when you can during the colder winter months can both burn calories and boost your mood swings.
Comfort foods with more fatty-acids provide the positive benefits for enhancing moods and brain function that improve our thinking, feelings, and behaviors. These comfort foods are becoming recognized for their mood-stabilizing and positive connections they give to the brain. Genders acts differently when it comes to the choices of comfort foods. Women usually tend to go for the sweet and salty snacks like ice cream, chocolates and pickles. Women want quick and simple comfort foods that are hand fitted snacks. But, men indulge in the hearty and robust flavors and sizes such as, burgers, chips and steaks. In my opinion their comfort foods are just like their male egos. Some of the reasoning for the choices of comfort food by different genders leads back to the personality traits of females being light and very feminine. But the male trait, even when it comes to the choice of picking comfort food, to be large, heavy and bulky.
When comes to me choosing my comfort food snacks I go for the gold. I let it all hang out. I just enormously let my cup run over and over. I let the comfort food do exactly what it is supposed to do, comfort me. My choices of sudden comfort food include a bulk of potatoes, cheeses, and gravy by the gallons. With those comfort foods you can wrap any of them in bacon and I would be in a magical spell of your every command. Bacon is the penicillin of comfort food to me and I’m quite sure the enthusiasm is shared by a great number of people. The facts of obesity spark a fire in my head after all the comfort food goods are devoured. The unhealthy snacks and medical awareness factors constantly enter my rapidly exploring mind and quickly exit because of my determined thoughts for rush of comfort food. I clearly know my focus is on what special comfort food I will consume next with no shame to my eating game.
A couple of today’s favorite comfort foods are cheese burgers and mac and cheese. I personally haven’t found, nor cooked, a cheese burger that has yet to comfort me. No matter what technique or flavors I use I still argue the cheese burger is over-rated. Don’t get me wrong I love the way it looks and smells. Just the slightest glance of all the big, cheesy and juicy layers of multiple tastes put together as one makes me want to clap. I guess that’s why I keep searching for the near perfect cheese burger for me. Mac and cheese puts me right to sleep especially if any of the extras are added to make the dish even more comforting. I believe you can’t get any more comforting with food than the eating food that puts you to sleep!