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Not only do we love appetizers (all kinds of appetizers!), but we also love beverages (all kinds of beverages!). We make meals of luscious appetizers and supplement them with all kinds of wonderful beverages!

We also love chit-chat! We enjoy having our friends drop in, grab a plate of appetizers and a beverage and tell us what is going on in their lives, or tell us a story or joke, or recite poetry or chat about nearly anything that strikes their fancy! Sometimes we throw in a history lesson or just an interesting and perhaps little-known piece of trivial information. Or we share a picture or two. Whatever it is, we sure would like to have you onboard our Appy/Bev Express, so jump on the train, grab a plate and a glass and dive right in!

PICTURED: Aqua de Sandia (watermelon water) by: Eileen Hineline

Cindy Smith Bryson
15 Hours Ago

Fact of the day

The paint on the Eiffel Tower weighs as much as 10 elephants.

Who knew?!

Cindy Smith Bryson
Saturday at 5:43 AM

Happy Saturday

Good morning.

Up early this morning w Lucy Belle. We had to take her to the emergency vet last night as she had a fever and blood in the urine. Xrays showed bladder stones which explains why she keeps getting infections. We will need to schedule surgery w our regular vet on Monday.

Linda and Kenzie are here this weekend. Fixing hash brown casserole, scrambled eggs, bacon, and biscuits for breakfast.

Kenzie and I will go see Maggie Belle over lunch.

Cindy Smith Bryson
Friday at 2:46 PM

Fact of the day

You are 50 times more likely to be killed by bees than to win the lottery.

Well, dang.

Cindy Smith Bryson
Friday at 10:19 AM

Happy Friday!

A beautiful day here. Busy getting the house ready for Linda and Kenzie to visit. Chicken in the slow cooker for chicken and noodles w mixed veggies and rolls are rising for dinner.
Bread Machine Soft and Buttery Yeast Rolls.

Cindy Smith Bryson
Thursday at 11:10 AM

Fun fact of the day

A raisin dropped into a glass of fresh champagne will continuously jump up and down from top to bottom.

Hmmmm. I may need to try it. Anything is a good excuse for champagne.

Cindy Smith Bryson
Thursday at 3:37 AM

It is Thursday

Good morning. A busy day planned?

We are doing things around the house and cleaning the carpet today. When Mollie Sue was here she had a few "accidents" and Lucy Belle has had a few w her UTI so the carpet needs a major overhaul.Lucy Belle is on her antibiotic so we should be ok now. Pets can be messy. Gotta love em!

Tonight we have the GAL appreciation dinner so that should be fun. Tomorrow Linda and Kenzie come for the weekend! Fun will be had.