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Not only do we love appetizers (all kinds of appetizers!), but we also love beverages (all kinds of beverages!). We make meals of luscious appetizers and supplement them with all kinds of wonderful beverages!

We also love chit-chat! We enjoy having our friends drop in, grab a plate of appetizers and a beverage and tell us what is going on in their lives, or tell us a story or joke, or recite poetry or chat about nearly anything that strikes their fancy! Sometimes we throw in a history lesson or just an interesting and perhaps little-known piece of trivial information. Or we share a picture or two. Whatever it is, we sure would like to have you onboard our Appy/Bev Express, so jump on the train, grab a plate and a glass and dive right in!

PICTURED: Aqua de Sandia (watermelon water) by: Eileen Hineline

Cindy Smith Bryson
17 Hours Ago

A busy Friday ahead

Good morning all.

Leaving early today. Due in court at 8. I have 2 cases to present so I will probably finish up about 4.

Have an awesome day.

Cindy Smith Bryson
Thursday at 3:30 AM

It is Thursday

Good morning all.

It is 20 degrees but should warm up later.

I go to court today to go before Judge to petition for necessary surgery for my toddler through Guardian ad Litem. Hopefully we can get this done and get that baby an appt. for surgery next week.

Have an awesome day.

Cindy Smith Bryson
Wednesday at 12:04 PM

Sea smoke over the Gulf today

Pretty rare around here. The Gulf temp is around 60 and air temp is at freezing. Interesting phenomenom.

Cindy Smith Bryson
Wednesday at 8:33 AM

A freezing Wednesday

Still below freezing at 8:30 and we had sleet in the wee morning hours. Unusual for Florida. Schools and all Government offices closed today.

I was hoping to use today to get some resolution for my new case. The toddler needs surgery and since Mom is in rehab and Dad in prison I need the Judge to sign the papers. I also need her SSN for the hospital. So I guess none of this can be done today.

Plenty to keep me busy around here and I plan to just stay in.

Have an awesome day and be careful out there.

Cindy Smith Bryson
Tuesday at 2:18 AM

It's Tuesday

Good morning!

A busy day ahead.I have Maggie Belle early in the morning and then a mtg. w Guardian ad Litem to sign papers for my new case. I heard from the Foster Mom yesterday and this one is already getting complicated. The 14 month old, Khloe, needs tubes in her ears but there is no one to sign consent as Mom is in rehab and Dad in prison. No caseworker has been assigned by the state yet.

Then I have my monthly allergy shot. I am allergic to both cats and dogs. Of course, I have 2 cats and a dog plus I am a Pet Nanny. Some people never learn!

Then on to grocery shopping.

Have an awesome day all.

Cindy Smith Bryson
Saturday at 9:49 AM

A cold morning in Florida

Good morning!

32 degrees at 9:46. MB and I were waiting for it to warm up a bit for our walk. I guess this is it!

Stay bundled up all.

Cindy Smith Bryson
Friday, January 12 at 4:52 AM

It is finally FriYAY!

Good morning and happy FriYAY. Such a busy week. I am ready to chill this weekend.

I have Maggie Belle today and tonight. Fun and snuggling will be had!

It is raining and currently in the 60's. After the rain, the temp will gradually drop until we hit 28 tonight. Guess I will have to get the real shoes out. Bummer, dude.

Have an awesome day.

Cindy Smith Bryson
Thursday, January 11 at 3:13 AM

It's Thursday

Wow. Where did this week go? I have been so busy that it just flew by.

I have been road running all week. I had a very busy GAL week. Lots of visits w clients and mtgs.

Today I have a dental appt. and then back home to put several hours in on the computer doing reports on my visits for the Judge.

It will be in the 60's today. So happy that flip flop weather is back until the weekend. We will get cooler weather again then.