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This is a group dedicated to the study and discussion of paranormal phenomena, both real and imagined. Do you have a story to tell about a ghostly encounter? A near-death experience? A haunted house? Have you been abducted by aliens? Just kidding on that one--well, maybe! This forum is open to any who would like to join and discuss such topics.

Andy Anderson !
Friday at 5:10 AM

Wonder if this means anything...

Last night I woke up at three distinct times, and looked at the digital clock.

First time: 1:23a
Second time 2:34a
Third time: 3:45a


The third time is unusual, because I always wake myself up at 3:30a; therefore, I had to have overslept

Maybe something interesting will happen today :-)

Happy Friday folks.

Lee Thayer
Thursday at 9:51 AM

Not paranormal

A woman in Thailand wanted to have a professional makeup artist make her up for her upcoming wedding, she came down with dengue fever and internal bleeding, and died. Her fiance called the artist to who they already paid a deposit, and stated his fiance had died. The artist drove 200 km (120 miles or so) and returned the deposit, brought a wedding dress for the woman as well.

The deceased are made up nicely for a funeral. A woman getting married, it is done very nicely.

The artist applied the makeup at no cost, but the dress was not allowed to be put on the woman, family stated it was inauspicious to have only one person dressed in wedding clothes.

If you want the photo posted, let me know :)

Amy Herald
Wednesday at 7:53 AM

Good Morning Ghost Story!

Good morning paranormal enthusiasts. Here's a creepy story to start you day with! I didn't sleep well last night, so I'm dragging a bit today. Good thing I don't have much to do, so I can afford a lazy day! What are you all up to today?

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Andy Anderson !
Jul 10, 2019


On an investigation tonight. It is outside (cemetery), at least the temps are beginning to drop.


Amy Herald
Jul 9, 2019

Here come the jokes!

Got a good paranormal joke! Post it here!

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Melanie B
Jul 9, 2019

Too funny

So funny I had to post it.

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Deb Crane
Jul 7, 2019

High levels of activity at a Nieces house

So this weekend I went to my Nieces house. She shared experiences they are having in the house they recently moved into. There are several Entities in the house. They hear running down the hallway and laughter of a child. She had this child cuddle up behind her in bed. One morning she woke up and there was a man standing at the foot of her bed. She talked to them and said that she hopes they find peace, but to please leave them alone. I felt nothing while I was there Friday. They live in Whitewater, Wisconsin and it is a hot spot. They looked up the area and found out that the land was an Indian burial ground. Anyone want to come over and investigate? I told her she should have someone come and read levels or what ever they do! Wild!

Amy Herald
Jul 4, 2019

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th Paranormal Enthusiasts and Resident Skeptic!

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