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Sammy Jones
Jan 9, 2014

Jack Frost nipping at our noses here in Appomattox*

Brrr, it's getting really cold in Appomattox. I think its time to break out the big jacket lol
From the Scruggs Family to yours, Stay warm and Stay safe everyone

Sammy Jones
Jan 1, 2014

The New Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! May God be with you=)

Sammy Jones
Dec 2, 2013


the holidays are just around the corner people, make sure you spend time with your family and friends. you don't what you've hade until you've lost it......i should know

Sammy Jones
Nov 29, 2013

iiiiiiiiit's friiiiidaaaay!

Its black Friday people, good luck trying to shop today. If u decide to try not to get run over lol

Sammy Jones
Nov 25, 2013


turns out I got half of my x-mas present early; MY NEW CELL PHONE:) thanx again daddy for my gift, I kno u worked really hard to get it for me. luv u pops, i'll pay u back one of these days

Sammy Jones
Nov 21, 2013


It iz getting really busy here at my high school(Appomattox County High REPREZENT lol) I'm doing FCCLA this year and I'm the only freshman in there! Oh well, I guess I'll have 2 sho all these seniors how its done #FRESHMANRULE!!

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