Colorado Cookers

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A group with people from Colorado that have really good recipes of Colorado favorite foods!!! Or just any recipes that you might want to share with people that close to us!!!

Ashley Bertolina
Nov 18, 2013

Deer meat!!!!

Hello Colorado cookers!!!! I know everyone is like gross deer. But hunting is BIG in Co!! The boyfriend just "brought home the meat"!!! Deer meat that is. So I'm looking for good recipes anyone has. I'm really looking for a good hang dry or oven dry deer jerky!!!! I look forward to hearing from people!!!!!

Kathleen McIntosh
Nov 5, 2013

Hgh Altitude cooking

Hello Colorado Cookers. I am back I Colorado after a 30 year absence and some of my skills are rusty. I grew u in Denver but now live in Evergreen at 8000 feet. Any suggestions you have are appreciated.