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How to eat & cook anti inflammatory. Arthritis, fibromyalgia, lupus, etc. as well as most chronic pain is caused by inflammation. I had severe arthritis & was in extreme pain constantly for several years. I refused to take drugs so I learned how to heal my body with the right foods & vitamins. I have a blog where I tell about my journey back to health & share recipes.

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Sharon Colyer
Dec 6, 2014

Whole Flaxseeds VS Flaxseed Meal or Pre-ground Flaxseed Powder – For Your Info

I am so glad I came across this! I didn't previously know this, and I am glad I read this article.

Whole Flaxseeds VS Flaxseed Meal or Pre-ground Flaxseed Powder

This is one of the most frequently asked questions that we get: "Why buy whole flaxseeds instead of flaxseed powder or meal?"

"Flaxseed meal" refers to the by-product of the oil pressing process. During this industrial process, the oil is pressed out of the seed and sold as flaxseed oil. The remaining pulp, dietary fiber, and protein is sold as "flaxseed meal". Unfortunately, what most consumers don't understand is that much of the heart healthy properties of flaxseed, such as the omega-3 fatty acids, have been extracted into the oil.

Consumers also don't realize that many of these companies that sell flaxseed meal or oil perform this process in an industrial setting.

Immediately after flaxseed has been processed or pressed the interior of the seed is exposed to air and the process of oxidation begins. Oxidation quickly destroys the medically beneficial compounds such as omega-3 fatty acid that are found in flax seeds.

As is so often the case, mother nature knows best and the heart healthy benefits of "whole flaxseed" that are ground just prior to use is significantly more beneficial than trying to recombine the parts of flaxseed meal and flaxseed oil processed in a warehouse. Research has shown that important medical properities are found in all parts of the flaxseed and the entire seed will provide the maximum benefit.

Our (Great Plains Flax) whole flaxseeds are 100% natural, gluten-free and straight from the farm with no secondary processing performed on them. They grown right here in the USA and are also some of the highest purity available to the public.

When comparing products always be sure to read the product label carefully to determine how natural the product is and whether any post-processing has been done to the seeds.

Lori Newton
Nov 19, 2014


Hey, guys! Sorry I've been MIA for awhile. I wish life had a slow down button. :)
I just posted a few more recipes. When I share a recipe on here I ONLY share recipes that are very low sugar or can be adapted easily and that have anti inflammatory ingredients in them. Cabbage, saurkraut, all vinegars, all green veggies, onions, herbs, lots of fruits, etc. are all anti inflammatory and these are the foods we need to eat the most of.

In 2011 when I dropped all refined sugars and flours I did the same at Thanksgiving. I made all of my family's favorites with only organic ingredients. My oldest son loved all of it (he & his wife eat very clean) but my husband and teenage son said to never mess with Thanksgiving again. They want our traditional Thanksgiving foods that we have every year made exactly the way we have always made them. So I meet them in the middle. Here is my family favorites and the little changes that I make to keep them tasting traditional.

Turkey (of course) oven roasted - I brine my turkey in apple juice, pineapple juice, apple cider vinegar, salt, and whatever else I want to throw in there. Before roasting I stuff it with an orange, pineapple, lemon and onions. Turkey is healthy anyway but adding all of these anti inflammatory foods to the turkey makes it even healthier.

Dressing - I live in Oklahoma so we eat cornbread dressing. I add sausage and apples to my dressing because my guys like it so much better. I also use only organic corn meal to make my cornbread. My Dad always used Jiffy cornbread which was good, but it is healthier making your own cornbread from scratch & using organic corn meal. Hodgson's Mill also has a really good boxed cornbread.

Broccoli rice casserole - this is so bad. It is canned soups and Velveeta, but it makes my guys happy. I don't use white rice anymore at all so I use brown rice in this and they never know the difference.

Sweet potatoes with brown sugar and marshmallows. This is how Southerners take a very nutritious food and turn it into a sugar bomb. LOL. But it is one of my husband's absolute favorites and he only gets it once a year.

Pecan pie - Pecan pies around here are all made with karo syrup. For anyone with an auto immune disease karo syrup is your enemy! Trisha Yearwood makes a pecan pie with no karo syrup and I now use her recipe, my family loves it and I can eat a piece and not have to worry so much about being in pain.

From now until Thanksgiving I will fill my body with as many anti inflammatory foods as I can so that I can enjoy a day of gluttony. For instance, the night before I will eat a big serving of cabbage. Cabbage is one of my favorite anti inflammatory foods. My body loves it.

I would love to hear about your family Thanksgiving traditions.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Lori Newton
Sep 30, 2014


If you have been thinking about trying to eliminate or cut back on processed foods, I am going to be posting articles and REAL food recipes on my FB page. Also I am hoping that people will share their REAL food recipes on my page and at the end of October I will give away a bottle of my favorite Plexus product, XFactor, to the person that I think has the best real food recipe. Here's a link to my FB page.

Lori Newton
Sep 24, 2014


Here is a good article on foods that reduce inflammation. I agree with everything she says except the "hypnotherapy". I believe in praying to God.

She mentions fish oil (Omega 3's) and turmeric for fighting inflammation. These are 2 of the best supplements at fighting inflammation, BUT you have to make sure that you are getting the best quality supplements otherwise you are just throwing your money away. I have never sold anything in my life, but I believe in Plexus products so much that I signed up as a Plexus ambassador. Plexus Fast Relief Full Body capsules have Omega 3's from New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels which is the most potent & absorbable form of Omega 3's combined with the power of turmeric. Plexus Fast Relief helps me so much better than any other brand that I have tried. Message me for more information or you can go to Ambassador 123799.

Lori Newton
Sep 22, 2014


This is very true. I found out the hard way. Some foods cause me pain and others help ease pain.

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Lori Newton
Sep 9, 2014


Do any of you juice? We started with a Hamilton Beach juicer a couple of years ago. It took pounds of veggies & fruits just to make a glass of juice & the clean up was horrible. Then my cousin gave me a Breville. We got more juice, but there was still so much waste & clean up. I kept hearing about Nutribullet and my cousin has been using one for a couple of months now so I got one. WE LOVE IT! It only takes a handful of veggies & fruit. There is no waste and you only get only get one glass dirty or 2 if you choose to share it or pour it into another glass. We've been playing around with different veggies & fruits. Saturday I juiced organic spinach & kale, organic carrots, raw organic honey, frozen pineapple & orange juice. It was delicious! My husband asked me to make it again on Sunday morning. This morning I added a packet of Plexus 96 vanilla protein powder. YUMMY! It tastes like an orange julius only a little less sweet. We love the energy that juicing gives us. After juicing for a just a few days our bodies begin to crave it. We missed one day & my husband begged me the next day to make some juice. He has never liked veggies and likes very little fruits, but he loves to drink them and he loves the way it makes him feel.

I would love to hear your favorite juice concoctions.

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sherry monfils
Aug 31, 2014

cherries and pineapple

I learned through a arthritis magazine that tart cherries or 100% cherry juice and pineapples can relieve arthritis symptoms, so I had to try it for myself.
After weeks of eating cherries and pineapple, I have noticed a difference in my pain.
It's not as severe. Also I found this over the counter medication, Instaflex that seems to be working wonders. Since taking it, I can actually sleep at night w/ out so much discomfort. It is bought through GNC or It's a little expensive, but DOES work. At least for me it does.

Lori Newton
Aug 26, 2014


This is a great list from Prevention magazine. Eating smarter and cleaner doesn't mean you can never have treats or packaged foods again. My household is big snackers & we would have mutiny on the bounty if I took away their snacks. LOL. But instead of Little Debbies, Cheetos, Ritz, Kellogg's cereals, etc., we now eat organic cereals, organic crackers, organic chips, etc. Pirate's Booty Aged White Cheddar puffs is one of my favorite indulgences. Tastes much better than cheetos and does not have chemical dyes and preservatives that cause inflammation and hurt my body.