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I was asked to head the kitchen at church.There are six other volunteers. We all LOVE to cook and entertain,but have little experience in cooking for large groups.This group is to help us and any one else to cook for a large group.Please share your ideas,recipes and what has worked(and not worked) for you cooking for groups.Also any questions you may have,we have a wealth of knowledge here,some very talented cooks who are always willing to help.So join us in this journey of cooking and serving.

Leanne D.
Sunday at 9:24 PM

Senior Lunch

Thursday's senior lunch all be dedicated to our Kitchen Katerer,Amy to celebrate her wonderful recovery from a stroke last week! God is Good!
We will serve her Cashew Chicken
White Rice
Green Peas
Ice Tea
Elaine Bovender's 7-up Cake
So happy Amy is back in the kitchen and well enough to cook! This dish looks so good! It used to be one of my favorites,I now make it @ home using shrimp.

Leanne D.
Saturday at 8:38 PM

Sunday Breakfast

Tomorrow's Breakfast will be:
Tammy T's Make Ahead Breakfast Burritos
Assorted Fresh Fruit
Orange Juice

Leanne D.
Saturday at 8:35 PM

Back online!

I was having some issues with the computer the last few days but I'm back.
We had a good time Thursday @ the Senior lunch. We served:
Mini Meatloaves using Amy Herald's Mom's Meat Loaf recipe
Cassie's Cheddar Scalloped Potatoes
Sharon's Green Beans w/Almonds & Shallots
Cornbread Muffins
Leila's Lemonade Iced Tea
Teresa G's Lemon Chess Pie
Everyone was so happy to have Stephanie back and she was glad to be back as well.
The nurse was there, there was a discussion about grieving and chair exercises, she has some new tapes she played and everyone seemed to like them.
The story teller was there, he told a few funny stories.
We had a representative from the Senior Citizen Center come, he told the Seniors about the many activities at the Center and invited them to come for a tour and gave them tickets for a complimentary class.
The choir director was there, we had music, which is always popular!
It was a good day.

Leanne D.
Apr 14, 2017

Easter Sunday

The KKs are hosting Easter lunch at the church instead of Sunday Breakfast,we will also have a Easter egg hunt.We have several more children than we had last year.Each KK said they would bring at lease one dozen decorated eggs.
Ed is so funny, he said"Im not dyeing any eggs but I'll bring some."Can't wait to see what he's bringing!
Tammy T's Hot Cross Buns, to Start
Sallye's Apricot Glazed Ham
Andy's Holiday Roast Turkey
Maria's Greek Peas,Potatoes and Carrots
Zelda's Creamy Broccoli Casserole
Julia's Zesty Creamy Waldorf Salad
Melanie's Cabbage Salad Mmb
Bonnie's Dinner Rolls
Leila's Lemonade Tea & Lemonade
Teresa G"s Strawberry Shortcake T"s Way

Leanne D.
Apr 14, 2017


I want to wish all the JAP Kitchen Katerers a HAPPY EASTER! However you spend the day,I hope you spend time with family and friends and remember the reason for this Special Day.
On Good Friday,I always fertilize my citrus trees.My Grandfather would come over to the house and fertilize the trees, later,my Mother fertilized them.Now,I fertilize them on this day.When my sons were young, they would help me,I missed them today!

Leanne D.
Apr 14, 2017

The Kitchen Katerers

So much has gone on with the Kitchen Katerers recently.We've had a lot of changes and I'd like to introduce the Kitchen Katerers to the new JAP KKs and re-introduce them to our long time KKs!

Ed-As you know,Ed is my right hand man.He cooks the main entrees and loves to grill.He is doing well after his illness early in the year.
Stephanie- My best friend! my sister from another Mother! Although she recently lost the love of her life, she says she's looking forward to getting back in the kitchen and keeping busy.We look forward to having her back as well, she is a wonderful cook and always willing to do whatever needs to be done.
Cynthia-Randy's fiance,she was only avail weekends because she was working and going to school.Unfortunately,she lost her job recently and says since she's graduating June 16,she's going to take a break from working for now.After the wedding, she'll concentrate on finding a job.They set the date! August 19 ! So,Cynthia will be helping us a lot more during the week.
Denise- Denise is always there,helping A LOT! She has pretty much taken over the baking that Jessie did,she's a great all around chef, she owned a catering company over 40 yrs and still going strong.
Debbie- Debbie is Denise's granddaughter.She left us for awhile when she had a beautiful baby girl.She will be re-joining us, baby in tow ,especially for the senior lunches. She feels she can handle being a new Mommy now & give us a hand.Miss Denise(as she's called) is such a good baby, and I know the seniors will enjoy spoiling her, she loves attention! The few times she's been ,she just sits in her little seat and looks all around, kicking her feet and grinning!
Hallie-she's great @ serving, moves like lightening and gets things done, she has pretty much taken over Randy's job of keeping the kitchen clean, sometimes on Sundays,those two are fussing about whose going to mop the floor!
Jessie-although Jessie doesn't cook any more, she keeps us company in the kitchen, she helps us stay organized, keeps check on the supplies, makes sure our supplies are in order, she'll add to the grocery list if she sees we are low on an item. she makes sure a recipe is printed out for the person whose making it, if needed, helps with enlarging a recipe if we need to triple or more a recipe(not always a matter of multiplying ingredients) she & Aunt Patsy are the official taste testers. If someone makes a dish, we always like to run it by them .The two of them also set the tables for the Senior lunch.
Lois -Lois is the quiet one, she has a full time job at a school cafeteria,she brings a lot of experience in helping with amounts of foods and serving.She works with us for Sunday breakfast.
Nikole-Nikole is our new KK! She recently joined our church and wanted to help. Ed says, she's a little bossy but she has been a big help with Stephanie and I in and out of the kitchen the past few weeks. Ed likes to be in charge so I take it they've but heads a few times. She brings a lot of experience, she raised 5 boys and helped @ her previous church kitchen.She said her & her husband were eager to find a home church and glad she heard about us! She brought a wonderful cake to the bereavement lunch, everyone enjoyed it.I've asked her to join JAP,so hopefully she'll share her recipes with us soon!
I'll need to be in the kitchen more often with the two of them to see what's going on, but she's going to have to understand she's here to help ,not take over. We all get along too well for a new person to come in and cause problems.
Randy-always there to help us for Sunday breakfast now that he's working full time. He's such a joy to have around!
Aunt Patsy- loves to help Jessie set the tables for the Senior lunch & loves to fold the napkins in different,"fancy" ways.
And last but not least.YOU! The JAP KKs! who share your wonderful recipes and have continue to keep in touch the last several weeks with such chaos going on with us!
I REALLY appreciate you continuing to share your great recipes.I'm going to check them all out today.
And most of all for your continued prayers for me and Stephanie.She'll be back in the kitchen next week.She says she just wants to keep busy.
She and her son & his family will be going to her husband's home town in LA.when school is out to visit family that didn't make it to the service.
A little about me.I fit in wherever I can, in the kitchen,if anyone needs help,I'm happy to,I thought I would need to give up shopping when my Aunt came to live with us but I've been able to continue the shopping,(which I love) make up the menus, organize fund raising lunches.Also with Jessie's help,I manage the budget for the KKs.

Leanne D.
Apr 9, 2017

Repast Lunch

For Stephanie's husband's repast, on Tuesday, the KKs will serve:
Roast Chicken
Rice Dressing
Green Beans
Potato Salad
Jello salad
Dinner Rolls
Strawberry Shortcake (Eric LOVED strawberry short cake)
German Sweet Chocolate Cake (Stephanie's favorite)
Ice Tea

Leanne D.
Apr 6, 2017


With a heavy heart,I am sad to say,Stephanie's husband passed this afternoon. He was surrounded by the family ,Stephanie,their son,Kris and the grandchildren, they had been allowing the kids to see him a few minutes every day.
When I visited last night Stephanie said, tell the birthday seniors I said Happy Birthday.I said I was thinking of skipping the lunch and coming by earlier, (she had been eating when I would bring her something @ the hospital) she insisted that I not skip the Senior lunch, she said,No.No,go and bring me a slice of cake. I don't know if she felt something.
She has been very much @ peace since this afternoon.She said she & her husband talked about what he wanted and she said she is glad she knows exactly what to do, want he wanted.She and her son went right away to make arrangements. I made dinner and took it to the house, straighten up,called to have the hospital bed removed, just things I knew I could do to make things easier.I know they will have a lot of company in the new few weeks.
I may be off line for the next few days, helping my friend in any way.
I'm thankful Eric is no longer in pain. He was one of the kindest,geneorus,funny and faithful man I knew and I was honored to know him. He never felt sorry for himself when he was diagnosed and knew he didn't have very much time, his concern was not for himself but for his family, mostly Stephanie,he told me one day, she's going to be alright, she's stronger than she realizes but just take care of her for awhile until she realizes how strong she is.I know he was right and I have very intention to do just what he said. My friend.