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I was asked to head the kitchen at church.There are six other volunteers. We all LOVE to cook and entertain,but have little experience in cooking for large groups.This group is to help us and any one else to cook for a large group.Please share your ideas,recipes and what has worked(and not worked) for you cooking for groups.Also any questions you may have,we have a wealth of knowledge here,some very talented cooks who are always willing to help.So join us in this journey of cooking and serving.

Julia Ferguson
Dec 21, 2017

Merry Christmas from Leanne

Good Morning KK's! I heard from Leanne yesterday, Wednesday, Dec. 20, 2017.
She wanted to tell everyone to have a very Merry Christmas. She said, everyone is doing fine, her boys will be home for Christmas at the end of the week. Her oldest son is bringing his new girlfriend for Christmas, as well. The boys, her husband, brother and brother-in-law are going on a fishing trip New Year's weekend. She, Aunt Patsy, her sister, and two nieces are going to the beach house for New Year's.
The Seniors are being served Christmas lunch today, and the KK's were gifted with extra donations for purchasing small gifts for each one of the seniors, so she and Stephanie have been in a shopping frenzy mode lately. Stephanie, Denise and Leanne were going to make several dozen cookies yesterday morning, before the Senior Lunch. Those lucky seniors!

Y'all have a good day!

Julia Ferguson
Nov 17, 2017

A Happy Thanksgiving from Leanne

Hey everyone, I heard from Leanne today. She asked me to tell the KK' to have a Happy Thanksgiving.
She said things are back to normal, whatever that means. Everyone seems to be doing well. Stephanie is back home. She and her son and his family will be joining Leanne and her family for Thanksgiving. They are having a large group this year. Her sons are coming home, her oldest is bringing his new girlfriend.

The KK's are all prepared for a traditional Thanksgiving lunch for the Seniors on Wednesday. Several seniors have said they are looking forward to lunch.

She said, Toni has been on her mind this past week. They made Toni's Ginger cookies for dessert at the Senior lunch this week and served it with pear sauce. Stephanie cooked pears into a chunky sauce similar to apple sauce.

Yum!, Toni's Ginger cookies and pear sauce would be heaven together.
Toni's birthday was this week on the 15th, must have been Toni in the kitchen guiding them while making the cookies. I really miss Toni. RIP, my friend.

Ginger Cookies

Julia Ferguson
Oct 30, 2017

I Heard From Leanne, Today!

Y'all, Leanne wrote me about Jessie's funeral, saying it was beautiful, and they made sure all Jessie's wishes were carried out. Jessie had everything written out to a T, as to what she wanted, how and in what order it was to go.
Leanne, made sure the KK's served all Jessie's favorite foods, Ed's Roasted Chicken and his Roast Beef, they had Green Salad, Cucumber and Onion, and Sliced Tomatoes. They also made German Chocolate Cake, Pound Cake and Peach Cobbler. She said there were a lot of people and they planned for a lot, there was plenty of food to go around. She was very sad and angry, and was venting about life not being fair to Aunt Patsy. She said Aunt Patsy let her vent then she set her straight. She said she is feeling better now, just needs to keep busy and be there for Stephanie when she gets home.

On a sad note, she also said that Stephanie's sister in law passed away yesterday. Stephanie is going to help make the arrangements for the funeral and will be home by next weekend. She said Stephanie was glad her sister in law was no longer suffering, she was in so much pain she didn't think she could bear it much longer.

Julia Ferguson
Oct 23, 2017

With Great Sadness

Hey everyone, I haven't been on much today, but received this in my private e-mail from Leanne, today. She asked me to let you all know.

Hi Julia, it's Leanne,
I wanted to let you know I will not be using JAP website in the future. Last night when I went on, all of a sudden I received an error message on my laptop, I can't remember what it said, but it froze my computer for hours. I unplugged the computer, restarted it, closed it and still showed the error message. I think there is a virus on the website. I cant afford a new computer, so I think it's best I not use the website.
I will continue my kitchen catering work as long as I can.
I also wanted to let you know we lost Jessie early this morning. I am so heart broken I don't know what to do, she was such a special lady and I know I'm going to miss her like crazy. She was like a grandmother to all of us. I really thought she was going to get thru this, she had in the past, but I guess God needed an angel. He sure got one in Jessie. With a heavy heart, I had to call Stephanie to let her know. She is visiting her sister in law who is having some serious health issues and asked Stephanie to come. Poor thing so much at one time.
Would you please do me a favor and let the other Kitchen Katerers know about Jessie and my decision not to use the JAP website. I feel you are all my friends, and I'm going to miss you all. It will certainly not be the same.
Please tell the KK's I will miss them, and I appreciate all the kindness they have shown me in my work with the Seniors, Sunday Breakfast, and personally. I know I speak for Aunt Patsy as well, she loved for me to read the comments to her, she would just sit and smile. She often said, "What good people to help out like they do!", and I agree!
I told Jessie's neighbor I would come. She wants me to help her pick out an outfit for Jessie's service. Jessie became very good friends with her and she knows the arrangements Jessie wanted. I know where Jessie is but I miss her already. I wish I could have been able to see her one last time. She didn't come to church Sunday and I planed to call her. You never know.
Take care Julia, it's been my pleasure!
Love, Leanne!

Leanne D.
Oct 23, 2017

Sunday Breakfast Update

Today we served:
TG's Cream cheese filled Sweet Potato Muffins, Stephanie's Bran Muffins & Amy's Applesauce Muffins
Denise's Catered Scrambled Eggs
Breakfast Potatoes
Orange & Apple Juices
We were gifted some fresh pears and apples, so we put them out for people to have as they were leaving.We had several left over,I'll need to think of something to do with them next week.
We were a little shorthanded today but we made it ok. I LOVE how everyone works together to get the job done especially in a pinch. Ed is out of town visiting his friends in Chicago,Stephanie is visiting her husband's family, her SIL is not well and Steph wanted to visit asap. Poor Steph, she was doing so well then received a call about her SIL.

Leanne D.
Oct 23, 2017

Prayers for Jessie

Please send prayers for Jessie.She was admitted to the hospital this morning with chest pains.I spoke to her neighbor who keeps an eye on her , she said Jessie was resting comfortably when she left this afternoon. She said the doctors didn't want her to have too many visitors yet but I will go to see her as soon as I can.
I've noticed Jessie slowing down lately, she hasn't been her usual spry self.I talked to her about it she always says" I'm fine, just old but still kicking"

Leanne D.
Oct 19, 2017

Senior Lunch Update

Today we served Olive Garden's Minestrone Soup(copy cat recipe) it was delicious! ham sandwiches, brownies and ice tea.
Everyone enjoyed the lunch, today was a cool. day compared to the last few days which have been really warm.
The nurse is on vacation ,so we'll miss her for 2 weeks.The Seniors did the exercises though, without her guidance, the minister helped out ,which was nice.
The story teller was there telling great stories as usual ,I told him I hope his family is recording his stories, he is so animated and has a wonderful voice. We should record as well.There just never seems to be enough time for that and picture taking, those are two things I would love to do.
The choir director didn't come , not sure where he was so we actually had a short day, no one stayed for movies or Bingo.
The minister had prayer today, one of the senior's husband passed away on Sunday,I was surprised to see her at the lunch today but she says she told him good bye a long time ago, he had Alzheimer's and he hasn't recognized her in many months, she says she knows he's in heaven and she doesn't need to worry about him.That's a good attitude but I don't think I could be so brave!.
Stephanie is coming to dinner today so I guess I'd better figure out what to make. She's bringing dessert,I'm sure it will be something yummy!

Leanne D.
Oct 19, 2017

I'm Back!

I'm back online after a Iittle break, my modem went down and had a bit of trouble replacing it.I finally have a new internet system so hopefully I'll be good to go now. I miss my sons all the tome but it's things like this I miss them, they know about the computer and internet,I just know how to use the computer(barely,lol!) BIG Problems with Spectrum,I would NOT RECOMMEND THEM!!!!! HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!
Any way, we had a great time @ Aunt Patsy's birthday party she was so happy, after the party,I was helping her getting to bed , she said, this was a wonderful day, and Thanked me profusely. She is so sweet and so worthy of being celebrated.