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This is a place to talk about what you're cooking today....breakfast, lunch. dinner, snacks, anything! Even talk about what you made yesterday! Please post the recipe link if possible also! My new blogsite...

Heidi Hoerman
7 Minutes Ago


I'm just waiting for the ciabatta-type dough to leave the sides of the mixer bowl, declaring its readiness to spend the next couple hours puffing up! Not sure what's going on it yet but there's a bag of spinach that needs using so it will be on there.

George Levinthal
Yesterday at 12:59 PM

Memorial Day is Burger Time

Happy Sunday everyone. If you're working on your Memorial Day menu and burgers are on your mine, here's 9 of my favorite burgers that you may want to try. Several are Blue Ribbon recipes including 4 that have been prepared at the World Food Championships. Give them a try. Have a fun Memorial Day and don't forget the reason we're observing this day.


Cindy Smith Bryson
Yesterday at 11:32 AM

Potluck beans in the slow cooker

Pork and beans, red beans, butter beans. Add browned ground beef w onions, cooked bacon, ketchup, bit of brown sugar, and liquid smoke.

These come out so tasty and everyone loves them. A change from baked or barbeque beans.

Take some time today to think of the fallen and thank those who made it back. We may not know them all but we owe them all.

Yesterday at 10:30 AM

Last night

We went to my sister in laws birthday party. I made onion dip & a layered dip(which I will post later). She made these amazing layered,toasted,open faced sandwiches/ appetizer that I made her show me all the ingredients for & watched as she built them. Soooooo good! We are having trouble coming up with a name for them. They have 3 different kinds of cheese, chicken, fresh spinach, bacon, & grape tomatoes. Any suggestions for the name would be welcome. Today is going to be "Laze & Graze" Sunday. We will be eating party leftovers. There was only 1 of those amazing whatchacallits left & hubby claimed it! LOL! Hope everyone has a great Sunday!

Debbie Sue
Yesterday at 6:08 AM

We are going to a cookout today!

We will be spending time with some of our longtime friends today. Always a good to see them, and share more laughs together.

We are keeping it real simple, just grilling hot dogs and hamburgers, and everyone is bringing a side dish or two. I'm making CREAMY POTATO SALAD, and FRUIT SALAD (Sandra Webb's recipe).

The weatherman is calling for rain, I hope he's wrong!

Ellen Bales
Saturday at 5:31 PM


Tonight we are having Ellen's Crispy Salmon Patties, Basmati Rice w/Pine Nuts, and Preston's Yummy Green Beans, with a Strawberry/Blueberry Combo for dessert. BASMATI RICE WITH PINE NUTS

There is even a Garden Stuffed Pepper leftover from last night. We may have to flip for it!

Andy Anderson !
Saturday at 10:15 AM

Yummy Chicken

I have one important rule… NEVER drink too much Glenlivet 18-Year-Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky when working on a new recipe…

Err, wait… wrong rule. My bad.

Here’s the rule… When I’m working on a new recipe, I will try it out on my friends in a casual setting; however, I will NEVER try out a new recipe at a catering event, or when I’m hosting a party. With that said, I was thinking of making some of these for tomorrow’s garden party (weather permitting), and so I stuck one in the smoker, and all I can say is instant love.

Great flavor, moist, ease in preparation, and a versatile cooking method (oven, smoker, or grill).

Anyway, I’m making 4 of these; along with some briskets for tomorrow’s party.

Happy Saturday everyone. And remember that the reason we are here is because others made the ultimate sacrifice… honor those who have gone before us.

God Bless America.

Poultry Essentials: Easy Peasy Baked Chicken