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This is a place to talk about what you're cooking today....breakfast, lunch. dinner, snacks, anything! Even talk about what you made yesterday! Please post the recipe link if possible also! My new blogsite...

Amy Herald
Thursday at 5:17 PM

Dinner tonight!

This is one of the husbeast's favorite dinners. I served it with some steamed broccoli. (That part was not my husband's favorite so much.) This is super easy to make and definite comfort food! Herbed Turkey Tetrazzini

Diane C.
Thursday at 1:45 PM

what's cooking today? ME!

I'm simmering now, as I type this. The upstairs A/C went out yesterday. It was spend X to replace a part or spend X.5 to get a new one. We opted for a new one. It will be installed tomorrow. The downstairs A/C is OK.
And, the cable guy was here to update our system. He got one TV set up. The other's wouldn't connect. He tried four boxes and Zip. nothing. He went to get more boxes. and the saga continues....

So, what's my plan for dinner? I don't know. Maybe I'll make quesadillas.

Andy Anderson !
Thursday at 7:05 AM

The Secret Ingredient

With the holidays coming up and all that yummy cooking we will be doing, remember to keep in mind that many people have food allergies. If you are cooking for someone new, always ask… It is better to be safe than sorry.

For example, many people have allergies to fish, and it can crop up in some unexpected sources:
• Barbecue sauce
• Bouillabaisse
• Caesar salad, or Caesar dressing
• Caponata, a Sicilian eggplant relish
• Imitation or artificial fish or shellfish
• Worcestershire sauce (this is a big one)
• Certain cuisines; especially, African, Chinese, Indonesian, Thai and Vietnamese

Allergens are not always present in these food and products, but fish can appear in surprising places. Again, read food labels and ask questions if you’re ever unsure about an item’s ingredients.

Happy Thursday everyone... and happy dining (((HUGS)))

Thursday at 5:20 AM

Already started!

Put a nice chuck roast in thecrockpot with potatoes, onions , carrots, & seasonings. I'll make gravy & a green veggie tonight. Hope everyone has a great Thursday!

Wednesday at 7:06 PM

Beef Stroganoff Recipe

For some reason I wanted stroganoff today...it's really hot for September here in WI. (92 today) I have no idea why I needed this....
So I looked through about 8 pages of recipes until I found this one that didnt call for any cream soups. Digging in now and I am really, really HOT! BEEF STROGANOFF

Andy Anderson !
Wednesday at 10:28 AM

Fried Coleslaw & Brisket Sandwich

This recipe did not begin as fried coleslaw and brisket; it began its life as an unpretentious turkey & bacon slider. But, during the creation process, I was moving some coleslaw for another recipe over a hot pan, and some fell in… Well, the smell was really good, and I thought, I wonder what would happen if I threw in some chopped brisket… And that is how I got to this point.

I served these last evening, around the fire pit with some friends… there were no leftovers.

Happy Wednesday everyone, and happy dining.

Sandwich Essentials: Fried Coleslaw & Brisket