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This is a place to talk about what you're cooking today....breakfast, lunch. dinner, snacks, anything! Even talk about what you made yesterday! Please post the recipe link if possible also! My new blogsite...

Nancy Steffenhagen
11 Minutes Ago


So for one of my last bakes for co-workers, mini cheesecakes. Mixed berry and cherry. One more day of work then off until September!!!Going to visit the grand daughters for a few days!! Hope we get some nice weather. Hope everyone is having a great week.

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David Henson
13 Hours Ago


im looking for a recipe for leftover mashed potatoe cakes with onion in em friedmy gma used to make em cant remember it i know it had eggs and flour can anyone help me

Sherry Blizzard
16 Hours Ago

Jalapeno crazy...

I bought a huge bag of jalapenos and made poppers of some, but am trying out something I just learned. Roast them on the bbq grill, sweat for 20 min. (at least), peel, seed, then SMOKE on the smoker for 1-3 hours. Then dredge them in apple cider vinegar, layer in clean glass jars, top with oil. We'll see....I'm anxious to try it.

Andy Anderson !
22 Hours Ago

Spicy Carnitas Beef… So yummy

Made a big batch of this for a Sunday brunch, and it got gobbled up. And, the good news is that if you cannot eat it all… just freeze it until needed. I am also giving you three ways to cook it: Pressure, Slow, and Oven.

These are a great way to make some yummy shredded Mexican beef. I have mixed it with cream cheese, and other items to make a great dip. I have used it as a base for carnitas, and tacos. The sky is the limit.

Do not tell anyone, but I have used it in a pot with beans, tomatoes, and other spices, to make a Southwest Chili.

Mexican Essentials: Spicy Carnitas Beef

Linda Smith
24 Hours Ago

Dinner Tonight

Family has been gone for 10 days
they have ate a lot of fast food they're ready for some homemade food so tonight we are having one of their favorites

Grilled cheese turned up
Delveled eggs
Fresh pineapple

Grilled Cheese Turned Up

Nancy Steffenhagen
Yesterday at 7:07 AM

father's day

Because I was out of town until yesterday late afternoon, my dad got a peach pie form a favorite bakery, he also had leftovers for dinner. Making up for it tonight with roast beef, mashed taters, and pickled beets. Hoping to get some strawberries picked soon. He will then have lots of shortcake. Our all time favorite dessert.
Happy Monday all!!!!

Blondie Pussycat
Yesterday at 10:58 PM



We celebrated Father's Day last night because Rey had to leave to go out of town today. I made:
Marinated Flank Steak & Mushrooms.
Also I made Hassellback Potato with Crumb Topping posted by Dboz Lyfe. It went over well. I did look at the plate before eating it and everything was brown. I should have at least had a few sprigs of parsley on the plate.
Rey didn't care. He loved the food.

This morning he took me to Bent St Cafe`. For those of you who are familiar with Taos, NM, you've probably seen it in the John Dunn Shops or you've may have even eaten there. DELISH!

Lee Thayer
Sunday at 8:07 PM

Dinner last night

Just my Basic Salisbury Steak, always a good meal with pressure cooked mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli on the side. Delicious :)

Basic Salisbury Steak