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This group is for all you insomniacs out there,( like me) who the sandman refuses to visit. This is a great place to see who else is wide awake and cruising Just a Pinch. What's on your mind ? Looking for a good recipe or a good conversation is just a click away...unless by some weird coincidence we are all asleep at the same time (hey, it COULD happen,lol) ...then it would be just good recipes, lol !

Beatrice Abfalter
Oct 19, 2015

HI, how are you, if your still in this group

I'm usually up, or get up sometimes like today woke at 3:30 a.m.
Thought about coming in to see what was happening. I woke with leg cramps, that hadn't been happening but started again.
Yesterday my daughter her husband and three of their daughters an I went to port Huron to Best Buy to get iPhone for the birthday girl, and e went to eat at chocolate corral it was good. They added all day breakfast foods.
My grand drove there, she trying to get her drivers license.
Well, hope it gets better in here.
I been so so, sure been struggling lately.

Millie Johnson
Oct 11, 2015

Sweet Dreams...

Most of us know that raw honey is great for coughs and sore throats, but now it can help you sleep better.

Ellen Bales
Oct 9, 2015


Is anyone up besides me? I'm giving myself a manicure. Not sleepy yet. But we were watching a movie around 7:30 or 8:00 and I was nodding off then. Go figure!

Michelle Rice
Sep 27, 2015

Anybody up yet!

Not working til 7, so why do I wake up at 3 am? Can't really start a project, cuz I make to much racket! Lol.
A peaceful Sunday so far!

Letizia Tripp
Aug 25, 2015


I have noticed that all the posts on here , are old . no thing recent .
I wonder if anybody still shows up on here in the wee hours of the very early morning ..
I have and had insomnia all my life .
n omatter how tired I am cant sleep. aggravating .. but there is nobody on here to talk too .

Letizia Tripp
Aug 25, 2015

good morning

is anybody up ? it's 4 a, m. cant sleep .

Michelle Rice
Feb 28, 2015

Good morning! Is anybody out there?

Wish I could figure out why this body of mine, will not sleep after 2 am! So annoying!
Can't seem to find a happy medium, It's chilly in my living room, and too warm in the basement where the pellet stove is.
Happy Saturday. Hope you all gave a good day.
Peace be with us all!

Tammy T
Dec 6, 2014


Why am I still up? I have to work in the morning! I worked today, should be exhausted! I am, just can't sleep. Ugggh.