Lost Culture of Childhood Games and Rhymes

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Group active since Tue, Sep 10, 2013

We think the time has come to remember, preserve and celebrate the lost traditions of our culture with childhood games, songs, rhymes, etc..

This group is being formed for those of us that would like to recall, remember and try to preserve, in tact, our childhood pastimes with great fondness and joy.

We want this group to pretty much run itself, as there are many times throughout the year that I will most assuredly- be absent for bits of time.


The Golden Rule- foremost
No, or not many 'recipes' unless they are for mud pies, and various other childhood creations- that you made yourself as a child.
UPLOAD's and Sharing should include, and are encouraged to include:
YOUR Childhood Games, Rhymes, Pastimes, Memories, etc.

LONG before the days of mass media and electronic plug in's- let this group thrive on the memories of our childhood and the current sadness that 'our children' will not experience the wonders of being a kid, like we did.

ALL WELCOME to join and participate as applicable.

Be nice, respect each other and relish in the fact that each of you have special gifts and qualities to contribute to this group and each other.

NO POLITICS-Blessings to all and WELCOME HOME!!!

Diana Newton, BillHillyDee, Group Administrator SEP 2013

Diana Newton
Feb 9, 2014

Welcome to newer members-Sharon, Steven and Sally

WELCOME to our group all
We look forward to hearing from you when you can. Steven is my hubster and I am glad he has joined us too, as well as everyone. I see the recipes in this group has grown tremendously since I was last on here in early Nov 2013.

It would be nice if folks might post links and/or articles relating to the purpose of the group but we appreciate the participation either way; thanks so much.

As you can see/read from the description of our group, there will be long periods of time when I am not on and we hope this group will run/grow/thrive with participants; as we all have memories, items and fond and maybe not so fond, recollections of our youth. Some will be regional, some will be national and possibly international, as well. It will be fun to compare and share! WELCOME ALL- Diana

Diana Newton
Nov 4, 2013

Song for the day/week for your memories

I have forgotten the beginning but this is the chorus and some of it...ENJOY

Everyone knows an ant can't move a rubber tree plant- BUT he's got high hope- he's got hi gh hopes- He's got high apple pie- in the sky hopes. So any time you're feeling blue- just remember that ANT- Oops there goes another rubber tree- Oops there goes another rubber tree- Oops there goes an nother rub ber tree plant...

Diana Newton
Nov 4, 2013

Welcome to all of our new members & Thanks for joining in-

Greetings everyone!

Just wanted to pop in quick like and welcome everyone that has joined in my absence. Long story but things are improving on this end. Hope to be able to be a bit more regular very soon. Happy week and childhood memories to all


Ellen Bales
Oct 22, 2013

Old 78 rpm Records

When I was a small child, before I was old enough to have my own "record player" and records, my family had a collection of 78 rpm recordings. These are the ones I remember:

Open the Door, Richard
Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition
The Green Door

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Pamela Gibson
Oct 22, 2013

Old song anyone?

I love a lot of the songs I sang as a child with family as we went about our days. I'm losing more lyrics through disuse than I like to think of. Does anyone know this one?

My mommy told me
If I be goodie
That she would buy me
A rubber dollie
to call my ownie...


Ellen Bales
Oct 18, 2013

Paper Dolls

Playing with paper dolls was a passion of mine as a child. My older sister got me started with paper dolls of movie stars. My cousin, who was my age, and I played paper dolls for hours on end. If we didn't happen to have any "real" ones, we cut pictures of the models out of the Sears catalog. We would cut out whole families, complete with furniture for their make-believe homes.

I get e-mails now from a company which sells the old-fashioned movie star paper dolls. A book of one doll and several outfits costs about $12. I think that's a little steep, and besides, I don't have anybody to play with anymore!

Ellen Bales
Oct 18, 2013


What kinds of dolls did you play with as a child? (Sorry, Bob, and other gentlemen)

I had a Tiny Tears. She cried real tears when you gave her a bottle. I had several "walking" dolls. They didn't really walk, just moved their legs. My mother was a pretty good seamstress, so she made some really neat doll clothes for them. She made a beautiful gray coat that was lined in purple "silk." I was so proud of that coat for my doll!

And I also had a Terri Lee doll. She had some really neat clothes, some store-bought, and some made by my mom. She had a nurse's uniform and also a Girl Scout uniform. I still have the doll but at some point she lost an arm and a leg, and I haven't been able to find replacements. Back in the day, there was a Doll Hospital here in Indiana and you could send your dolls off to be repaired.

Diana Newton
Oct 18, 2013

How much is that doggy in the window?

How much is that dog gie in the window,
The one with the wag gied tail.
How much is that dog gie in the win dow,
I do hope that dog gie's for sale.