Low-Carb and Lovin' It!

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Are you living a low-carb lifestyle? Do you enjoy creamy desserts, cheesy sauces, hearty meats and luscious vegetables while still losing weight?

Jump in and share your recipes (and ours!) with this group of friends who love to cook and eat!

Please--PLEASE--make sure the recipes you post here are low-carb; meaning, they do not contain sugar, potatoes, non-Atkins-style-diet-approved pasta, or non-Atkins-style-diet-approved flour or baking mix. The purpose of this group is to support its members who are adopting a strict low-carb lifestyle in order to lose weight, lower cholesterol, and maintain healthy blood glucose (blood sugar) levels. Misleading members by posting recipes with high carbohydrate ingredients could inadvertently harm those who must maintain a strict diet.

Enjoy your low-carb lifestyle!

jeromne newton
Jan 16, 2015

health benefits of low carb foods

Low carb diet foods help you to lose weight, a low carb diet forces your body to use its fats as it main energy source which will cause you to lose weight very quickly. It also reduces blood sugar and insulin levels with good improvement in type 2 diabetes and lower blood pressure, High blood pressure is one of the most known factors for stroke and heart disease.

please share your experience


virginia duncan
Jan 11, 2015

new member

Hi I'm Virginia. I am using a low-carb life style to lose some weight. I am interested in swapping some good recipes.
I added some that I have collected. Hope to share some good ones.

Carol Parkhurst
Dec 24, 2013


Posted 9:14 PM on Mon, Dec 23, 2013
Carol Parkhurst mscarole

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Gretchen ***
Dec 3, 2013

Low Carb Recipes??

Rhonda, sorry I know this is your group but this is bugging me so I really wanted to share it.
In Rhonda's description of the group, it says to please only share low carb recipes with the group. Why share banana bread and dessert recipes in a low carb group?
I was really looking forward to having a collection of low carb recipes so I could find them on JAP. I guess that's not going to happen :(
BTW, this post isn't meant to bash or criticize anyone...I love all my JAP people. Please please just be mindful of what kind of groups you are sharing recipes with. Thanks.

Gretchen ***
Nov 27, 2013

Dinner tonight

Made Fireman Bob's Easy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Thighs tonight. This is an easy and delicious low carb recipe. For a side I had a salad with homemade blue cheese dressing.

Gwen Hochstetler
Nov 14, 2013

Hello and an introduction

Hello low carbing friends!

I am jumping in to the low carb lifestyle after many, many years of yo-yo dieting. I have been on every diet imaginable and never stick to it. I've had a few slips with the low carb lifestyle, but I'm getting better and better at finding substitutions and at least I don't go hungry. I just crave stuff that isn't good for me in any way, shape or form. Sugar and Carbs truly affect my body, my moods and everything. I'm excited to be here and thanks!

Vickie Sims
Sep 11, 2013

New Member

Just joined the group and I wanted to say hello. I am trying to eat low carb foods and always looking for new recipes.

Dawn Ballou
Sep 8, 2013


Here in the South people like to eat fried foods! My family is no exception, I use a combination of crushed pork rinds, ground almonds and inexpensive grated parmesan cheese in equal parts to "bread" baked chicken and pork chops. What do you do to normalize some of your recipes in order to please the family?