Canning Season

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Canning tips and funny mishaps.

Areatha Daniels
Oct 23, 2013

October 23 national Canning Day Too

I've always been fascinated at the fact that people can keep up with the different food holidays. So today I decided to look them up what are the national food holidays. I was surprised to see that today October 23 is national Canning Day and national Boston Cream Pie Day. I'm starting to do a little food photography, And thought I'd leave you this little picture. It is also Boston Cream Pie Day, forgot to include it, "Thank You Rhonda" : ) for finding my lost brain cell. Lol, I really was going to say something about it too, : (

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Lizzy Joivell
Aug 18, 2013

What is that stuff in your jar?

Well, I found this great recipe for hot pepper mustard so today I thought I'd make half the recipe just to see if I liked it. All was going well until I notice that I was low on 8oz jars, so off to the store I went. When I got home all I had to do with the mustard was add clear jel, can and process. Boy was it thick, so I put it though a food mill, still thick. I processed it and it sure looks pretty, but I think I have made a batch of cement because I forgot to use only half of the clear jell. Anyone got a chesel? Looks like bits of tapioca in it too. :)