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Organic, Non-GMO, recipes and ideas to share. I am an advocate for Heirloom Recipes and the healthy ingredients that make them! Come along as I procure recipes to try and share!

Catie B
Sep 16, 2013

Posted an heirloom Depression Cake from the '30s.

I added a recipe today. Depression Cake.
It is a healthy alternative to most cakes today. If you do not want to use refined sugar, use an alternative.
It has no eggs, milk, dairy or soy. It can be made with coffee, water, or juice. It has fruit in it, with alternatives. And as an adaptable cake, will satisfy most requirements for those wanting to avoid the eight most common allergies. If you do not want to use nuts, use sunflower seeds, or others, etc.
Also, it is GF adaptable too. Vegan and Vegetarian.
Just a moist, old-fashioned spice cake. I hope you enjoy!

kathy finn
Aug 13, 2013

brown rice

Hello healthy cooks!
How do you cook brown rice without it ending up mushy? Also I would like to know how to make fried rice.