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I have an old sail boat that was no longer sea worthy so a few yrs bac I turned it into a herb garden. I put the staples in there like basil, and oregeno. Each yr I try and put some new and exotic herb in there. So at the end of the season I have questions about harvesting and other uses. Herb books are bland and less then helpful most of the time.
So I am starting this group in hopes that other will join me in discussing what they have planted this year and how they plan to use them.
Also spice's I want to know about all the different spices and there uses. As of late I have been creating spice blends of my own,and I would like to learn more.
So please join me and lets talk herb and spices the start of what makes everything taste so good

Catherine Ferensic
Aug 17, 2017


I just added Thyme to my collection was going to take a picture of them forgot

Catherine Ferensic
Jul 15, 2017

looking for dandelian recipes,uses and other herbs

looking for a good resource for herbs,plants their uses if any for pain,itching other uses looking for books,websites thinking amazon would have good info

Catherine Ferensic
Jul 15, 2017

anyone heard of plantain that grows all over?

not sure if my spelling is correct I don't know what benefits it has but my boyfriend and I have been using it I will try to take a picture and post it not sure if I can

Catherine Ferensic
Jun 1, 2017

sweet basil,mint,rosemary

just bought these plants looking for ways to use them I have put them in a container but have to buy soil may buy others yet am trying to decide what I want to do went to store to get my soil etc.. and my son had a fever starting so just went home put it off I have to put them in light containers so I can move them also bought cayenne pepper

Sharon Colyer
Apr 8, 2016

Different Types of Basil

There are many varieties of basil, sweet basil (common basil) (Ocimum basilicum) has dark green leaves is the most common. It has a spicy aroma with a sweet clove-like taste. Aside from the other varieties mentioned below, there are also several different cultivars of this basic, common variety of basil, each with slightly different aromas.

Bush or Dwarf basil (O. b. minimum) has a spicy lemon odor aroma and is slightly bitter. This is also very common as a pot herb.

The difference between what your husband remembers and what you have recently purchased may be the above two varieties.
(Dried basil (and most dried herbs) are very different in aroma and flavor then the fresh leaves.)

Some other varieties of basil:
• Large pale green lettuce-leafed basil (O. b. crispum)
• Lemon basil (O. b. americanum or O. b. citriodorum)
• Licorice or anise basil
• Opal and purple basil
• Also: Thai basil, East Indian basil, Puerto Rican basil, Cuban basil, Aussie sweet basil, Baja basil, Italian basil, etc.

Each has its own unique scent - fennel, tarragon, citron, gingerish, clove-mint, etc.

Here is an excellent reference on Basil and its different aromas/flavors and an explanation of the aroma components, including photos of the leaves of many varieties: www.uni-graz.at/~katzer/engl/Ocim_bas.html

Chef James, FoodReference.com

Melanie B
Jun 19, 2014



Have you heard of this? The lady at the farm told me about it. I think I may get some and try it out.

Toni T
Feb 24, 2014

Good Reference Tool


This book has been a favorite of mine for years!! Check it out.

sallye bates
Jul 8, 2013


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Cruise on by and look us over. I think you will like what you see. Looking forward to having you in our group.


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