Southern Recipes..Civil War Style

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My husband & I are Civil War Reenactors and I am the cook for the 2nd Kentucky Cavalry...always looking for "period" and southern recipes

Charlene Ricker
Jun 21, 2012

Honey Spice Cake that makes it's own icing

My mom was from the south, born in Texarcana, Akansas. She used to make a honey spice cake for picnics that made it's own frosting. You mixed the ingredients together, stuck it in the oven and it came out with a crispy top on it that we called icing. I loved it. Have been looking for such a recipe since I can remember and have never found anything close to it. Not even sure if it's southern, she was also German. If any of you are familiar with this please let me know.

sharon cowles
Dec 17, 2010

Here's a link for Vintage cookbooks with free PDF

this site has a few cookbooks you may be interested in... I did'nt know about this group until I was browsing...

Marie Holfeltz
Jul 14, 2010

a southern civil war recipe for the dutch oven

Swamp Cabbage Stew

green cabbage
salt pork
cajun seasoning or cayenne pepper (not both)
onion (on-yon)
It is hard to tell exact portions as this is a taste to see if it's right

Cut up salt pork into chunks, fry in cast iron pot. (large) Slice, not
chop, onions and cabbage. Fry these in pot with salt pork. Add tomatoes to make a stew. (remember this will cook down so add water if
necessary so it doesn't burn.) Add spices to taste. *** Add slowly and a
little bit at a time, the taste will blend the longer it cooks. Cook at a
very low heat for 4-5 hours. Taste at least once every hour so you can
tell if you need more seasoning.

I got this from a Civil War site I found online. I guess it is plagarizing if I give them credit, right? :) I actually think it doesn't sound bad but then, I love cabbage and pork together.

Michelle Pamplin
Jul 1, 2010


I am looking for recipes that can be cooked over an open fire or in a dutch oven that would be "period" for the Civil War. Anyone with any ideas?