Place for teens to share their cooking skills

Hosted by Kayla Paradis
Group active since Fri, Jul 19, 2013

I hope who ever joins this group will get what they were looking for. I'm 13 and hope to find many to give and share recipes with.?

Kayla Paradis
Jan 24, 2014


I am so sorry everyone in this group! I should have been paying attention to this group! My sincere sorries ... I actually just started a new group because it has been so long since I have been on here that I didn't remember I had already started a group. The name of it is "Teens Time To Cook" . Maybe you'll switch over to that group. I don't really care I am just really sorry !

Jackie Conklin
Jul 20, 2013

Favorit recipe

Hi Kayla! So glad that you started your very own group! Congratulations!

My questions for today is what do you like to cook and what is your favorite recipe? I'll bet you have some good ones. Anything cookin for today? Or is it too hot? There's no bake cookie recipes.

Kayla Paradis
Jul 19, 2013

can't wait.

I hope that some of you are interested in the group.