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What's your favorite food emoji?

We love speaking in emoji. Think we can guess your most-used emoji? Pick a few of your favorite things and we'll try to guess!

Alice Ortiz
Jul 3, 2017

What do I put on my hotdog

Actually, I put mustard, diced dill pickles, diced onions, kraut, and sometimes chili.

Valerie Dixon
Jul 2, 2017

Cali Dog

Mustard, relish, chopped onions, dice tomatoes,

Kitchen Crew
Jul 1, 2017

What Founding Father Are You?

We the People of the United States have the right to know which Founding Father we are!

Lisa Walker Berg
Jun 24, 2017

I Like Mine Rare

I have that since my gastric bypass surgery I like mine red meat rare as to before my surgery I liked it medium rare. I found that eating it rare it digests better