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its a group for people who like french recipes

Susan Feliciano
Dec 18, 2014

French Christmas Food

What French foods do you make for the holidays?
Here is a favorite of ours, served at our Christmas buffet with grapes and apple slices.

Baked Brie with Nuts

Wallace Hale
Nov 22, 2014

hi f4iends

Im sorry i havnt posted a discussion lately but im going to try to get better at it. I appreciate all members and the recipes they post please visit this group and keep those french recipes alive thsnks

Wallace Hale
Jul 3, 2014

hello cooks

sorry I havnt been on but heart troubles slow me a lot. I wish everyone a happy fourth and please keep French recipes coming hugs wally katcat

Wallace Hale
Jun 12, 2014

hi friends

ive moved home to missouri with family because of health related reasons, remember me in prayer and keep those recipes coming god bless.

Wallace Hale
Feb 28, 2014

hi guys

this is febuary 28th, its beautiful this morning in the seattle area. lettin you guys know i will be posting some french recipes on jap im tryin to rally you guys to post too. god bless you all.

Wallace Hale
Feb 14, 2014

Hi folks

Happy Valentines day to everyone, hope yours is a special day.

Suzy MacFarland
Feb 11, 2014

Hi Wallace

DOn't feel bad I don't have a lot in my group either. But, a few people stop buy now and then.
Your recipes don't look all that French actually so were you waiting to post some or get some? I am not a French cook but I tried to make French oven Poulet the other night and although it tasted great, it was not pretty.
When I when to brown the chicken it stuck to the pan. I used coconut oil but it still stuck. That said, I lifted out the chicken having failed to brown either side, and tossed in potatoes, carrots and celery, sprinkled some celery salt, covered it with tinfoil, put on the lid and put it on the lowest rack in the oven and back 1 1/2 hours at 250 degrees. In the last half hour I turned up the heat to 300. I think 350 degrees would have been better actually.
What did I do wrong?
Except for the skin problem, it was a hit.
I was told not to make it anymore though and that I should stick to American chicken. LOL
Next time I will probably braise a cut up chicken or roast in the usual manner.
I have to say, though, the flavor was great!
I Hope you get used to my longwinded comments. : )

Wallace Hale
Feb 2, 2014

brand of wine in food

remember its not the price of the wine you pay for but the flavor you like. Most people think cooking french food with wine is expensive but some of the cheap brands taste good to in my appenion