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I would like to see a designated page for cooking questions. If there is one already please direct me. I have a question right now.

When a recipe calls for grated parmesean (?) cheese, is it grated in the can like for Pizza, or is it grated like say, cheddar cheese?


Anyone here know anything about old fashioned German style potato pancakes ? Hubby's gramma used to make them for him, they have no onions, they are made with grated or riced potatoes, flour & egg, I think. they ate the with syrup like a regular pancake. if you have a recipe PLEASE share it.
maybe your gramma or aunt or mom made them ??

Don 'V'
Mar 13, 2017

Canned Food

Does anyone know of a way to make canned corn edible. It all tastes like field corn half hard. I tried steaming, simmering in butter, and even mixing in a white sauce and made a cream corn. Nothing makes it taste edible.
I am wondering if pressure cooking it would soften it. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

sharyn b
Feb 25, 2017


does anyone know if this website, yumprint is still active?

Catherine Ferensic
Feb 7, 2017

candy and cake making supply

hello i'm looking for a store that is in new jersey that has a catalog through the mail not on the internet for candy & cake making supplies any suggestions?