Recipes we CRAVE!

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Please join me in sharing recipes that sometimes you just HAVE to have. You know, those that send you to the kitchen at 1 A.M. or the grocery store in your slippers! If a story goes with the recipe, please share that too.

Straws Kitchen
May 14, 2013

One more group...teeheehee

Well here I am, found you!!!
This makes group # 243 now.
I don't have time to spend much time in all of them...but this one is gona be fun ='D.

This was always a fav around our house..has been since before I was born.

Was my Dad's fav (he passed away in 1999) and ofcourse my Hubs fav too. I can't get enough of it myself.

Can't make it too often as I can't stay out of it..... My Mom, "Duwanna's Cocoa Cake" Cin

Dianne Ward
May 14, 2013

I'll start! Milwaukee Potato Pancakes (Latkes)

I am new to this but will figure out how to organize whatever I need to do. Please be patient!

Now I'll post one of my own "Gotta Have It" recipes...
Milwaukee Potato Pancakes (Latkes)