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LOL, I'm a disgrace to all southern great cooks. My mother was one of these. As much as I'd love to honor her memory by being one I guess I didn't get that dna, in need of good easy recipes. My boyfriend is in love with the fact that my mom was a great cook, and it's taken him 2 years to discover apparently I'm not. Please help me fix this. lol.

Linda Stevens
Nov 22, 2011

? about starting a cookbook

I thought the name of this group was "Beginner Cookbook" ...not "Beginner Cook"...sorry. I have a question about starting a cookbook on here. This is probably the wrong place to post this ? - maybe you can steer me in the right direction.

Do you have to individually type in each recipe of your own that you want to put into a cookbook? My recipes are already on my computer, but I thought I would be able to "browse" and just download them to it. It appears as though I will have to re-type each one into the "builder" if I want to put them into a cookbook..Is that true?

Lisa Duggans
Nov 20, 2011

NEW to this group

I have never cook turkey before.Anyone have tip on how to cook one?

Jeannie Ruston
Nov 20, 2011


I am for the first time cooking Thanksgiving dinner at my house, I have recipes from my mom, except for the giblet gravy...I have seen alot of recipes for that, but to me they sound very complicated....Is there any that are so very easy??

Jane Whittaker
Oct 11, 2011


1. You don't need lots of expensive equipment.
1 paring knife
1 large knife to chop with

2. Pots:
1 large pot to cook spaghetti or soup in
1 fry pan(teflon is easier to clean and food doesn't stick)
1 smaller sauce pan 1 1/2 qt to 2 qt

3. Cutting board :I like ones that go in dishwasher
4. Mixing bowls:
1 large
1 small
5. Electric mixer

Teri Carothers
Aug 26, 2011

New Cookbook

Hello All, I'm a newby, but absolutely LOVE druelling over cookbooks, wishing I was one of those cooks! I've been cooking for a family for over 20 years and cook decently,but never venture to branch out and create my own recipes. Well the other day (Aug. 10) I just had a birthday and received some birthday cash, and bought myself a new cookbook by The Pionener Woman, matter of fact, that is what it's call. Got it for $28ish at Target and just wanted to share with you. It's absoluely GREAT, I've already read each and everyone, and the ingredients are stuff (mostly) you already have. Your not searching for an ingredient you've never even heard of, it's all REAL stuff!! AND, she's airing her first live show on the Food Network this Saturday morning if you like her. If you just want to check her out, go to, I think you will all enjoy her as I do. Let me know what you all think! Have fun!

Heidi Hoerman
Nov 14, 2010

How to cook a turkey if you've never done one before

Are you someone who has never cooked a turkey before? Here are recipes made for you. Follow them and you will have a turkey, stuffing, and gravy that will make your dinner companions groan with pleasure.
"How to Cook a Turkey" by an Xpert: Part 1: The Turkey
"How to Cook a Turkey" by an Xpert: Part 2: The Stuffing
"How to Cook a Turkey" by an Xpert: Part 3: Giblet Gravy

These are the instructions my father sent me for my first time making a Thanksgiving bird. I was away at graduate school, too far away and too poor to get home and decided to hold a pot-luck thanksgiving with my fellow holiday orphans. Thing was, I didn't know the first thing about making the stars of the show: turkey, stuffing, and gravy. So, my father went out a couple weeks before Thanksgiving and bought and cooked a bird so he could write how he did it, step-by-step. He entitled the five handwritten pages "'How to Cook a Turkey' by an Xpert."

The instructions are given as three recipes, one for the turkey, one for the dressing, and one for the gravy. The length of these instructions seems daunting but if you are a newbie, this recipe will allow you to make this iconic meal without fear.

Heidi Hoerman
Jun 23, 2010

Go easy at first

No one starts out being a great cook. It takes practice and experimentation to figure out what you can do and what is beyond your ken. Watch the cooking shows that show straight-forward and easy recipes like Rachel Ray. Search the web for recipes that say "easy" or "fool-proof." I'm "pushing 60" and can still feed the garbage disposal on occasion! Always have a back-up at the ready and plan to laugh about how awful something was. Your cooking will not be exactly like your mother's. It will be yours. And with time and experiment, it will be something your children will strive to duplicate but not be able to.