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We all have heard of Tupperware, somewhere in our lives. Either from your mother, aunts, neighbors or even T.V Shows...As a young child growing up in a home, were my mother sold Tupperware. It was just a everyday thing, burp the lid, spray the bowls so it doesn't stain, to using it to serve guest. Dont dear try to take it home..lol But as I have grown I now sell Tupperware as a Full time job.. But, over all I just Love the recipes back then to now.. Yes of course the product are new and approved, but the name and quality will always stay the same..

This group is to bring back memories and just chat on what you use to see or still have from the past.. If you like to see more check my Facebook page facebook.com/TupperwareButterflies

Jul 29, 2013

Great uses for Ice Trays...

Do you just use your ice trays just for ice cubes.. Not anymore, they are the best way to keep herbs, borth, smoothie starter..etc.. Tell me what else we can use the trays for in our homes...

Kim Biegacki
Jul 7, 2013

Sharing a pic of some "Old School" Tupperware....LOL

We had a cookout at my parents camp this weekend and I wanted to share a photo of my Momma's egg tray and mini salt & pepper shakers that she still uses.

Shelia Senghas
Jun 17, 2013

I too sold tupperware years ago

There was a recipe from one of the tupperware employees for a dessert I use to make for tupperware parties and now I can not remember how I made it. The ingredients were, pineapple, pineapple juice, mini marshmallows, cheddar cheese. I remember I use to make a pudding out of the juice and add the other ingredients, however, I do believe I am leaving a few ingredients out. Do you remember this recipe. Seems like the grated cheddar was added last and would melt into the pudding and somewhat melted marshmallows. Well I decided to give it a shot and try to make it with what I remember. When it was made it was put in the large tupperware bowl, covered with the lid, burped and chilled in the frige. I will post it when I make it.

Kim Biegacki
Jun 15, 2013

Woohoo!!!! Didn't know you started the group yet!

I love Tupperware and look forward to adding more to my kitchen cupboards. Great idea Nikki....I too always remember my Grammie burping the lids. I don't remember spraying them though. What did you spray them with?

Jun 14, 2013

What is your favorite Tupperware product ?

I have several, lol but my favorite has to be the Quick Chef... It chops, blend, spins, combine, mix, and help make chopping onions and garlic a breeze...