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recipes handed down to me by assorted people in my life.
they are deeeeelish,and all categories

Elaine Eckert
Feb 9, 2014


I was not raised as Jewish or told that my maternal grandmother was probably Jewish, but discovered this through researching my family tree. I have loved the Jewish foods I've had in my life, and would like to try cooking them now.

Marlene York
Apr 12, 2012

Passover Cake or Flourless Cake

I admit it. I lost (or tossed) a recipe I have not used but planned to use over the holiday.

I think it was called Passover Cake but I'm not 100% sure. I even bought the Matzos.

I've done an i-net and food network search and nothing quite matches. The pictures look right but the recipes I've found call for Matzos and potato starch. The one I had did not use potato starch. I don't remember any of the other ingredients except bitter chocolate. This'll teach me to take better care of my recipes.

Not trying to be Kosher. Just want to bake a cake . . . can anyone help?

Key Lime
Jan 24, 2012

Love this group

I'm looking for a Mandelbrot recipe. My dear friend used to make them, shame on me for not getting her recipe. -nancy

Karin Ellzey
Jan 24, 2012


I LOVE halva!! I haven't had any in years. does ANYONE have a sesame tahini based recipe?

Angelena Kyles
Dec 27, 2011

Also looking for a recipe

So, I am not Jewish but, I am looking for a recipe. I have no idea what it is called. A Jewish woman I used to work with would make them every year around either Yom Kippur or Rosh Hashanah. All I know is they are little pockets of dough filled with onion and a meat. Not Knishes but much lighter and smaller. Almost like little dumplings. The flavor was AWESOME!! and I have never had it again. Please help me.. I just LOVE FOOD!!!

Patrice Vacca
Aug 16, 2011

looking for recipe for home made knish

I am trying to find a home made knish recipe,anyone?

susan yeager
Apr 9, 2011

susan yeager kugel

hey everybody,
i'm sue,of sueschews,and i'd like to share my award winning recipe.i entered a contest last year on a jewish cooking site called,a shiksa in the kitchen, and won 1st place ,with my kugel.
it was really exciting when tori said my name,and that my kugel won .
i'm sorry i haven't been here,but my dad,87 years young,in ,florida,needed me to go there and make him some mandels,kugel,and crab cakes..............oy .!!! i'm sure you ladies know what i'm saying,....
so i hope you're all gearing up for passover.happy holidays.
p.s. if anyone is interested in my kugel,let me know.warm regards,sue

angie deiter
Aug 3, 2010

looking for a recipe

howdy, i used to work for a jewish family as a nanny. A couple times a year the zadie would come into town and make these wonderful sweet meatballs in a red tomato sauce (i think) I would love the recipe!!I can share a recipe for kugel if u would like. I have also tasted and fallen in love with these meatballs covered in dough. I think these are russian. They are sooo good! I don't know the names of these food items but sure would appreciate any recipes you can share. Thanks !