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A place to share and chat about our favorite recipies.

Judy Spada
Apr 24, 2013

Facebook recipes

I have been flooded with recipes on my fb page lately. At first I copied down the recipes, then found if I shared them, they would be on my page to save. I love it. Anyone else getting lots of goodies this way?

Newbie to a Newbie Group !

Looks like this group was just started.. and I'm just getting started on this site. Since I have a business on facebook, I couldn't resist 'facebook peeps'. Please join me -


Here you'll find great jewelry at VERY affordable prices ! And I'd love to have new 'cooking friends' posting recipes all over my wall ! (As if I'm not tempted enough! LOL)..

If you like country music, please join me here as well -


Today, I fixed my first recipe from here.. "Creamsicle Cake"... I just put the icing on it & can't wait for this new 'after dinner' treat ! Happy Cooking Everyone..

P.J. Price

Jennifer Sullivan
Apr 22, 2013

Todays featured recipie

Has anyone tried the custard pie? Do you think that it would be ok if I substituted coconut water for milk?

Jennifer Sullivan
Apr 21, 2013


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