Gout Busters- Low Purine Diet

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A place to share ideas, remedies, recipes, and woes related to gout.
My hubby suffers with gout and several other medical issues that severely limit what he can eat and what I can make. Let's share our research and recipes!

Dora Hernandez
Oct 28, 2015

New to gout.

Honestly I've known for about a year now that I have gout. I need to do something about it I am worried about what I cannot eat or can. please help.

Catherine Bazemore
Sep 14, 2015

Gout, uric acid, rheumatoid arthritis

My knees has been hurting so bad. I had the above topic title blood test come out positive last week. I see my new rheumatologist tomorrow. I also have fibromialgia, arthritis , bursitis, and cronic back pain with neuropathy on my upper back. I don't cook so i need easy recipes. Thanks

Kristy Vasquez
Jun 8, 2014

30 years old and hurting

My boyfriend is 30 and he has gout. It is currently in his right foot and he gets it occasionally, maybe 2-3 times a year lasting about 3-6 days. It is hard to find recipes that he will eat, since he is a picky eater. He is from Texas so he LOVES hi meat, hates pasta and I just got him to like turkey bacon.
I have been researching and it is hard to find any recipe that he will eat. He doesn't like pasta, pasta sauce, loves meat, drinks beer and other alcohol on the saturday/sundays only.

Can anyone help me with recipes? I love cooking and btw we have a crock pot so I dont mind doing those types of recipes either. I would also need dessert recipes as he loves his sweets.

Thanks a bunch!

Kathleen Novello
Feb 19, 2014

new to dealing with uric acid

My husband has been diagnosed with high levels of uric acid which is causing kidney stones which apparently are brutal to pass. We have always eaten a pretty healthy diet, healthy lean proteins, veggies, whole grains, etc. Now though, many "healthy" foods are off limits to him because of the purine levels. I'm really hoping to find some help for dinners that are both healthy and low purine. He manages restaurants and is a real foodie. Help me!

Teresa Jacobson
Sep 28, 2013

My "Go To" recipes during flare ups

My husband is currently in the midst of a flare up. First time it has ever been in his knee. One of my favorite "go to" during a flare up is my Loaded Veggie Pasta Sauce- slow cooker I can add all those veggies that are good for gout like celery and leeks and use it on so many dishes. If I add some vegetarian "meat" crumbles to it I can make Sloppy Guido which my husband LOVES and he never has to feel "deprived" of anything. Do you have any recipes you use during a flare up?

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Teresa Jacobson
Apr 20, 2013

Article about gout

One of many about gout and foods that help it. I would add celery, leeks, and cherries (not just juice) to the list. myhealthlist.net/...hat-prevent-gout

Jennifer Smith
Apr 16, 2013


I have gout, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high choloresterol and I am allergic to hazelnuts. Would you believe that I just turned 36 on the 12th of April. So, a lot of the foods I could eat that will not make my sugar go up. I cannot eat because it activates my gout.I also have lost my health insurance. Anyway just thought I would say "Thank you" for this group. :-)

Teresa Jacobson
Apr 14, 2013

Exhausted and FRUSTRATED!

After my hubby's last gout attack, I have done more research than I care to divulge and you want to know what I've learned about gout? There's a lot of baloney out there! So much contradictory info! One "reputable" website will say something is bad for gout and the next will say its good for gout! After talking with doctors, reading medical journal articles and looking up ingredients myself, I am compiling a list of foods my hubby can have that isn't contra-indicated to his other diet and medication restrictions. From these lists I am making recipes for him.