Carnival Foods & Food Trucks

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Me and my nephew talk about having a food truck one day! I came up with doing carnival foods.
Share some fun recipes that you would love to see on a food truck, or just recipes you enjoy while at carnivals.

Good Morning

I know its only Tuesday, but any plans for the weekend?
Have a terrific Tuesday!

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Hello Carnival Foodie's

Well the cool Fall air is definitely here. I love Fall and I especially love Fall festivals! Are there any doings in Your area for Fall??
We have a wonderful maple fest coming soon. Cant wait! And of course many pumpkin farms are open for fun.

TGIF What are Your plans for the weekend???

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Rained out!

Not a good weekend here in Buffalo for carnivals, very rainy. But We went to one Friday and they had fireworks at night because of the forcast. Somebody was doing there homework!
As far as food they had a stand with egg rolls and asian noodle dishes which I thought was different for a small carnival. Prices were not bad at all at this carnival! I could actually enjoy a water or slushy for $1. Now thats unheard of! Anybody visit food trucks or carnivals lately? Would love to hear Your experience!
The Girls had a lot of fun Friday!

Enjoy Your Sunday All!

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Melanie B
Jun 19, 2015


How did I not know about this group until now??

Hello Carnival Lovers

Wishing You All a fun filled day!!!!

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Carnival time!

Have a favorite carnival food??
I have many!! But I hit more of the food trucks then I do carnivals these days. ;)

Anybody have any low fat carnival foods to share? I love candy apples. Dont know if these are low fat but they sure look good!

Easy Candy Candied Apple Baked
Have a great Day Everybody!