Cardamom Spice

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Sweet or Spicy; this is the place for Cardamom lovers! Any recipe with cardamom in it is welcome here. :)

kathy ryder
Jan 17, 2014

garam masala indian spices

Does anyone know the right spices to mix together for indian spices? called garam masala I believe?Thanks all

Dawna Granger
May 3, 2013

LOVE Cardamom!!!

So I have been on a mission to use this spice whenever I can. I can not believe I hadn't used it before.

Here is a recipe for bread. We have had this a lot since I have started using it.

Cardamom Bread

Dawna Granger
Apr 18, 2013

Have never used cardamom spice

My Sister gave me a huge jar of cardamom. I liked the smell and said I would use it. It is fresh and I am sure it is tasty however she takes care of her mother-in-law and lives there as well. The rest of the household does NOT like it. So, I was supper jazzed when I stumbled upon this group. I am looking forward to learning how to use this spice and hopefully make my Sister happy that she gave it to me. If you knew her, you would understand. She takes her spices VERY seriously!!

Heidi Hoerman
Mar 25, 2013

I am "wistfully" joining this group

I love cardamom. Hubby calls it "conundrum" and pronounces it horrid, therefore, I rarely cook with it. Sigh. I am joining the group, though, because finding postings here will bring back fine cardamom memories of a seeded bread in an Afghan restaurant or a bowl of warm "firnee" (Afghan almond and cardamom custard). Speaking of firnee ... hmmm. I could make some just for me!

Colleen Sowa
Mar 24, 2013

Great Idea for a group!!!

Thank you for startig this group and inviting me... I have a friend who makes a lot of things with cardamom... I will send her over! xo